Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is not only responsible for people adding filters to images of their car park space / view from the office / colleagues / lunch, but it is also a very cool platform to engage audiences on.

There are more than 130 million active users on Instagram every month, so it’s likely that at least some of your audience is spending time on Instagram. But unlocking the business opportunity takes a bit of creativity, so here are my top 10 tips for Instagram marketing success:

1) Integrate your content: It is likely that you already have a presence (and an audience) on Facebook, so integrate your content with that of Facebook. You can easily add a tab within your Facebook page which populates with your Instagram images. A quick and easy way to get your Facebook audience to engage with you on Instagram.

2) Hashtags: Like in Twitter, hashtags are a great way of connecting to new people and new content. You should use them, but like Twitter, you should also use them in moderation.

3) Engage your audience: Appreciate that this is an obvious one and it’s easier to say than to do, but competitions are a great way of building engagement on Instagram. Asking your audience to take photos of them creatively using your product is an excellent way of opening the door to interaction with your customers.

4) Share your follower’s content: You should show your appreciation for your followers by liking or commenting on relevant posts on Instagram, but you can also embed a post onto a website. So why not create a page on your site that contains the best of Instagram from this month.

5) Use @mentions to drive engagement: This is a really nice feature on Instagram, you can use @mentions to direct people to your posts. This is a powerful tool, so use it wisely, you don’t want to be accused of spamming.

6) Think outside the box: I know, a cliché, but the more creative you can get, the more likely your image will stand out – and no, that doesn’t mean awful stock images. Think of different ways that consumer use your product, and have a play with the filters, they are there so utilise them!

7) Show off your brand values: A big chunk of the benefit that you will get on Instagram is in brand awareness and brand value, so your content should very clearly illustrate your brand and the values that your company stands for.

8) Use video: Instagram is not just for images – you can upload up to 15 seconds of video into your Instagram feed, so you can use your Vine content here too!

9) Geo-tag your posts to tag where the image is: Tagging your posts geographically is a great tool regardless of the type of business that you have – it’s useful for large scale businesses for engaging locally, or very local businesses as it makes them very relevant locally.

10) Keep testing: This is a social network, so you should always be testing – post different styles of content, post at different times, use new features, and track your results – it’s the only way you will get better.

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