Believe it or not, Instagram can serve as an effective marketing tool for your business. Though every social media platform is unique and has its own special perks, Instagram can be a valuable asset for your brand’s success. You may have been using this visual network for a while but have had no success at all. If that is the case, you don’t need to give up hope. There are some effective tactics that you can do to increase your conversion rate and ROI.

Instagram is a bit different than any other social media marketing platforms, because it forces you to post a video or image with every post. That means, it allows businesses to leverage visual content to get the viewers’ attention. Business marketers should try to do something truly unique and creative in order to stay ahead of their competitors and get instant viewers’ attention.

In this blog, I’ve highlighted a few effective Instagram marketing strategies along with use cases that can help your brand to get started on Instagram right away and improve your results.

Using Hashtags is Key

Do you know your every single image on Instagram can serve as a great opportunity for your business growth?

Incorporating some general hashtags to the end of your every caption can get your brand more exposure. It is a simple yet effective technique that can add authenticity to your every post.

However, there are some important measures that you should take into consideration while using hashtags in your posts:

  • Use of Relevant Hashtags

If you observe success of certain hashtags, it seems tempting to incorporate them in every single post. But you will get more success in the long run if you think creatively, and create photos for those hashtags. It is important to understand the hashtag you are using, otherwise you’ll end up with conveying a wrong message.

  • Avoid Spamming Hashtags

Instagram users love to add hashtags in every post but stuffing your post with unnecessary hashtags will give your users an impression that you are spamming.

  • Focus on Your Caption Length

Using brief titles can be great, but using a short caption with multiple of hashtags can probably hurt your brand image.

Using general hashtags is not too difficult, but following the top Instagram hashtags as guidelines and understand what phrases are being commonly used by Instagram users is key. Don’t simply rely on these famous hashtags, as everyone is using them as a resource, making it too difficult to stand out.

Use Case

GNC is one of the best examples that smartly use hashtags on Instagram. Check the images and you will be able to notice relevant tags are placed everywhere, especially at the end of the posts unless they are relevant to their products.

GNC uses hashtags strategically in order to connect with their fan base as well as to get online exposure for the brand through the smart use of visuals and user generated content. Check out this photo that shows the use of popular hashtags. The only secret marketers need to know is to align your posts with target audience.

Interact with Your Audience

Do you know you can turn this social media network into two-way communication platform?

Rather than posting images or videos and letting your followers interact with you, start communicating with your audience. It is an amazing opportunity to market your company. Your followers are going to read your comments and the users to whom you replied will remember that your brand had responded to them on social media.

  • Respond to Your Followers

Make sure to pay close attention to your words because your follower base will notice what you are saying and how you are responding to them. So, your comments should be written in a positive tone, because when you relate to your target audience through words, they will be more likely to trust your brand and prefer to buy from your brand.

Use Case

Groupon has got massive attention of its audience after promoting a product Banana Bunker, a plastic holder for a banana, which resembles to a sex toy. Followers went crazy with the clever commentary and Groupon social media team responded to every single comment as safely as a brand. The brand replied to nearly 200 comments that incorporated the sex-toy-like viewpoint with clever comments.

This way, Groupon was highlighted by nearly every media outlet and the Facebook post got 13k comments and 21k likes and 45,553 shares. After that, people think Groupon as a fun brand rather than a strictly ecommerce business that provides discounts.

Groupon publicly interacted with its viewers through comments. Though they did it on Facebook, the same strategy would apply to Instagram as well.

Remember your comments depict your brand personality, if your replies are positive, you can help your audience see your brand as an engaging friend not just a strict business.

Held Contests Frequently

So, now you are posting visually appealing images and interactive videos on Instagram, following hashtags guidelines and answering to your follower base regularly, now what’s next?

As a brand, you can take maximum advantage of your users’ approach “whoa-that’s-cool” by offering some giveaways. Create catchy pictures to evoke your users to be a part of the contests. For instance, if any product is a prize, you could post appealing images of the product defining its benefits to persuade users to make a purchase.

  • Gain Obvious Followers’ Attention

Contests can greatly benefit your brand via grabbing the attention of your followers. Ask your followers to like, share and comment to win and you will see a massive increase in your user base because of a giveaway.

  • Make the Most Out of Contest-Specific Hashtags

Create a brand generated hashtag and ask users to upload images using the contest specific hashtag to win. If used strategically, you can increase your fan base and build your brand personality by using a brand specific hashtag. You can create a contest featuring users using your product, it will amazingly turn out to a great marketing tactic and can be used as a social proof.

  • Collect Users Data

Ask users to upload a photo, catchy caption and email address to participate in the contest. This way, you can grow your subscribers and send them customized promotional emails after the contest has over.

Use Case

Drinkwel sells alcohol related health products has strategically used Instagram to increase its fan base. The brand asked its followers to simply tag a friend to a part of the contest and win its own product. The contest allowed Drinkwel to gain massive followers for just some bucks.

Bringing it All Together

These smart Instagram marketing strategies will surely help Branex and different other professional web design companies to get your brand the desired results and make your brand successful with little efforts. If you are branding agency or a SaaS startup, who want to grow exponentially and not have an Instagram account yet, consider using these Instagram marketing strategies and your brand will get more exposure, increase follower base and more ROI.

Image Courtesy: Branex