If you’ve an Instagram account and you’re trying to grow the followers, you know the truth: Gaining Instagram followers is not easy!

One of the things that is so annoying about growing Instagram following is ‘attracting the right audience and then retaining them.’

But it turns out, there are few great apps that can help you cut through the struggle. You don’t have to be a pro to use these tools – just a little familiarity, which you’ll get from this page itself.

If you want to promote your Instagram account efficiently and quickly, you should bookmark this page.

So, let’s jump straight into learning more about most helpful Instagram tools and make the right choice.

Anything to make your life easier, right?

#1. Combin Growth

Combin, as an Instagram marketing tool, allows users to promote their Instagram account, find relevant and competitive hashtags, grow real communities, and create buzz around the posts. In simple words, it helps Instagram marketers in targeting, engaging, and growing relevant followers.

It is loaded with powerful features for audience targeting, engagement, management, and analysis.

Combin Growth Pricing

Combin Growth Salient Features

  • Advanced Instagram Search
  • Growth and Performance Statistics
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts Management
  • Instagram Stories Mass Viewing
  • Repetitive Actions Automation
  • Machine Learning User Analysis
  • Gender, Audience Size, and Language Targeting
  • Audience Management and Export

Features that Make Combin a Smart Choice

  • Track list of accounts that aren’t following you back.
  • Check Instagram Audience Quality by Spotting inefficient and low-quality accounts.
  • Find your Target Audience.
  • Find Instagram Influencers using influencer search strategies!

#2. BigBangram

BigBangram is one of the most reputable promotions tools that help users automate their social media activities through its comprehensive features and services. Put simply, the tool enables its users to get millions of likes, comments, and subscription through regular use.


Features that make BigBangram a Great Choice

  • Hashtag Generator: The tool helps users find many keywords or hashtags that can help posts get more popularity.
  • Bot for Instagram: These bots like, follow, comment, and watch stories that makes your promotion faster and easier.
  • Font Generator for Instagram: You can generate unique fonts for making your Instagram text unique and attractive.
  • Schedule Posts for Instagram: The tool will also take care of your post timings by helping your schedule in advance.
  • Direct Messenger: Use this tool for sending direct messages and for attracting more customers through personal interaction.
  • Auto Unfollow Option for Instagram: The tool will get rid of Instagram account that are of low efficiency.

#3. Kicksta

Kicksta as an Instagram Growth Tools enables influencers and brands to find organic traffic in a manual way. It works by providing users a list of target Instagram accounts having followers that a new brand would like to attract. These profiles are like your direct competitors, influencers, and other complimentary brands in your niche.

Kicksta also likes 1-2 photos from each of these accounts every day, and about 10,000 photos a month, which helps boost the organic reach of your page.

Kicksta Pricing

Instagrammers Use Kicksta for

  • Boosting Page Reach
  • Increasing Followers Number
  • Getting Personal Social Media Manager

Kicksta works best when you combine this tool with your own consistent effort at optimizing your Instagram marketing strategy – some examples for these could be running contests, influencer marketing, and paid advertisements.

#4. Later

Later is used by Instagram marketers for planning social posts, getting tailored insights, and publishing automatically that can help users reach more people.

There’s more to using Later app than creating visually appealing posts – you can use the app for driving traffic and sales as well. The analytics features help drive traffic and see the point where the users are converting.

Later Pricing

What Makes Later Unique

  • Visual First: The tool is designed for sharing photos, stories, and videos.
  • Instagram’s BFF: Build phenomenal feed with pre-ready templates.
  • Flexible pricing: Flexible pricing plans
  • Ease to Use: Simple interface that’s easy for both pros and newbies.

Scheduling social media posts and content is easy with Later. It works through this ‘drag and drop’ interface and has ready templates that can be used for adding personal touch as well.

#5. Crowdfire

Digital marketers call Crowdfire a ‘Super-Smart’ marketing sidekick that helps brands grow online and gain popularity on a regular basis.

What Makes Crowdfire Unique

  • Discover relevant content based on interest.
  • Publish content from own sites and blogs.
  • Schedule all your content
  • Design Tailored posts for all your social networking site

Crowdfire Pricing

Bottom Line

Instagram is a huge asset for building traffic, getting leads, and converting visitors into customers. Without a doubt, it is a great tool for increasing revenue for online businesses.

However, without proper tools at hand, it can be a daunting and hard road to tread on. These five tools mentioned above can be the perfect asset for your brand’s growth.

So, without further ado, start adding them among your growth assets, and hack Instagram growth from today!