Instagram Adds Events Video Channel And Stories In The Instagram Explore Tab

The idea behind Instagram Explore

The Search & Explore page can be reached from anywhere in your Instagram feed by clicking on the Search icon at the bottom left of the screen. This Instagram feature aims to show people posts that they might find interesting. These photos and videos are chosen automatically, based on the type of profiles you are following or the kind of posts you interact with. They can also be photos and videos liked by the people you follow or posts that are generally being liked by a large number of people. All of this content is tailored specially to you, based on topics Instagram thinks you will enjoy to see and engage with.

Instagram seems to be really trying their best in staying on top of the game and lead the trends. Some of the groundbreaking changes in the network so far this year were the Instagram logo update, the Instagram Feed algorithm update, adding a video channel in the Explore tab, and the launch of Instagram Stories.

The idea behind Instagram Explore

Continue reading to find out what are the brand new updates in the Instagram Explore tab.

Adding Video Channel for Events

Video channels in the Instagram Explore tag were first introduced earlier this year with the personalized channel called “Videos You Might Like”. Last month, Instagram also launched the topic and interest channels that feature videos grouped by what Instagram thinks are your favorite topics and interests.

The brand new Events Video channel is similar to the interest or topic-based video channels.

Adding Video Channel for Events Instagram

The automatically generated channel collects the best videos from events like concerts, sport events and more. It is going to show you only events that Instagram thinks you might like, depending on your interests and the accounts you follow.

The content in the Events video channel will be generated with user posts that take a video and tag it with the location of the event. Therefore, any event can have its own Instagram video channel if it gains enough popularity and there are enough user-generated videos to fill it up.

Many marketers find this new feature to be a copying the Snapchat discover channel. However, the content in Snapchat’s Discover is hand-picked instead of automatic. Meaning, that Instagram’s Events video channels have a better chance in being more customized and personalized for each Instagram user.

The Events video channel is currently only available in the U.S. and will roll out for everyone in the following days.

Adding Stories to Instagram Explore

In the beginning of this week, Instagram started rolling out a preview of Stories atop of the Explore tap. Based on the accounts you follow and the topics you are interested in, you will soon be seeing a tailored recommendation of channels whose Instagram Stories’ feed you could be following.

Judging by Instagram’s latest report that Instagram Stories is being visited by over 100 million people every day, the decision to add the Stories section on top of the Explore tab seems pretty logical.

You will be able to access recommended Stories without following their creators. However, to gain full daily access to someone’s Stories you will have to follow them first.

Instagram stories now on Instagram Explore

To wrap it up, Instagram is constantly striving to improve its service and thus make people spend more time on the network. The platform even adapted identical or very similar features to the ones of its biggest competitors – Snapchat. However, we believe that Instagram is not trying to steal Snapchat’s users but rather to keep their own users from straying.

Let us know what are your views regarding the recent Instagram updates and stay tuned for our article next week where we will share with you the best social media marketing tools every business owner must use.