Last month, Instagram launched the @mention sharing – an Instagram Story option which allows users to re-share posts they have been tagged in. This means that if someone has mentioned you in their story, you will be able to share that video or photo in your own story.

Once you get mentioned in someone’s story, you will receive a Direct Message notifying you about a story you have been tagged and you will have an option of adding the content to your own IG story. Unlike the previously announced update which allows users to share their posts within their Instagram stories, the new @mention sharing feature is aimed at enhancing direct engagement and interaction with your followers.

The Instagram mention sharing feature comes in handy for brands because if, for example, an IG page of a brand receives notification alerts of Stories they have been tagged in, they can use that as the stimulating factor to run competitions and to gather user-generated content (UGC).

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7 smart ways to use the Instagram @mention sharing feature to your brand’s advantage

7 smart ways to use the Instagram @mention sharing feature to your brand’s advantage

1. Running Instagram competitions

Competitions provide avenues for brands to increase their awareness and effectively connect with their target audience.

Encouraging followers to use the @mention sharing story feature means that competitions can reach an even bigger audience which means that brands will receive significant boosts as a result of increased engagements and sales.

2. Add every UGC to your Stories

Instagram Stories have turned out to be valuable tools for numerous brands. The Instagram mention sharing feature is a fantastic tool for businesses especially those brands that are running UGC campaigns because it can be used to encourage the creation of user-generated content which will get posted on different user profiles.

It is important to encourage your followers to post content which contains your brand’s username and/or a specific hashtag. A brand can thereafter repost the content in its own profile and this means that the UGC campaign will reach a wider audience because the content will also be shared with their followers thus extending your campaign’s reach.

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7 smart ways to use the Instagram @mention sharing feature to your brand’s advantage

3. Ask your followers to tag you

You can ask your followers to use the Instagram mention sharing feature and add your brand’s profile to their stories for a chance to appear in your official story. In case you have a big following, this will help you to gain extra exposure leading to extra interaction and engagement.

4. Promote events or webinars and mention the guests

Promoting an event or a webinar on Instagram has become very essential for brands. It is an effective way of creating a buzz and attracting attendees.

You can post a story of your event on your page and tag your guests. This means that your event will have a chance of reaching a bigger audience since the mentioned guest could use the mention sharing feature to share your Story with their followers.

5. Strive for authentic engagement

Always strive to have authentic engagement with your Instagram audience. You can ask your followers open-ended questions or to share their opinions through their stories and tag you. This way, you can create a more authentic engagement because you will be able to share with your audience real stories you have been tagged in.

6. Conduct influencer roundups

One way of skyrocketing your blog traffic is conducting influencer roundups. Get a group of influential people in your industry, come up with a relatable topic then get to promote it in your Instagram stories and tag them. This means that your post will be re-shared with a larger audience resulting into an increase of your blog traffic.

7. Monitor your Instagram metrics

It is important to track your Instagram metrics to ensure that your insta-game remains strong. Keep an open eye on your metrics by monitoring how your followers engage with your content. If you design a successful strategy and depending on your goals, you can increase the number of your followers and overall engagement rates.

Final thought

The @mention sharing feature is a great tool for brands especially those that want to increase user engagement, traffic, and conversion. Not only will the feature benefit your brand, the original poster will also gain more exposure since their tappable username will be on top of the image panel, an advantage to both.