Are you looking for ways to get the audience more involved with your content? Wondering how to increase engagement on Instagram?

I guess this might sound familiar – You’ve just shared the perfect post or a story. You’re on fire to get interacting with your audience, but the content gets barely any likes.

What th-?!

Well, don’t be too disappointed. Lack of engagement happens, particularly if you don’t have an Instagram engagement strategy in place.

(Which is going to change after you’ve read this post, by the way.)

Because it’s not enough to develop great content ideas if you’re not getting the desired response from your followers, you need to implement ways to increase their engagement and get them involved.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to do it.

But first, let’s discuss what we mean by engagement on Instagram.

What is Instagram Engagement?

The term – Instagram engagement – refers to interactions that you see in your content.

The simplest example of the audience’s engagement is the likes and comments that your posts are receiving. Shares are another signal that Instagram users following your account, engage with what you publish.

In other words, engagement is how followers engage with your content.

An easy way to measure your engagement rate is by dividing your total number of likes and comments by your number of followers. Then you’re multiplying by 100 to get the percentage of your engagement rate.

For example, if a particular post received 300likes, and you have 12000 followers, then its engagement rate would be 2.5%.

Here’s how I calculated it: (300/12000)*100 = 2.5

The above method is an easy way to work out your engagement rate and also to benchmark it against others.

But that’s the simplest approach, mind you. Unfortunately, evaluating Instagram engagement has become more complicated over time.

For one, Instagram has started hiding the number of likes showing up from others’ accounts. As a result, you are not necessarily able to track the likes that your competitors are receiving.

Moreover, there are also new metrics to include in your engagement such as the saves of your posts.

You can also calculate your engagement by focusing specifically on your views and the shares and DMs you are receiving; the options are many.

No matter how you decide to measure it, it’s still important to understand why you need to boost engagement.

Why Does Engagement on Instagram Matter So Much?

Instagram engagement


There are two main reasons, actually:

Your success rate is only going to go up, once you create and implement the Instagram engagement strategy.

Also, working on engagement can result in new marketing ideas and opportunities.

For example, you might accidentally notice that the more Stories you’re sharing asking questions, the more engaged your followers become. This is a quick way to boost your engagement and start being more interactive with your content.

So, what strategies and tactics can help you increase engagement on Instagram? Let’s find out.

Ten Tactics to Increase Instagram Engagement

#1. Be Interactive in your Stories

A strategy to increase engagement on Instagram.


Instagram Stories can skyrocket your engagement. For that to happen, though, you must observe how different features affect your audience’s engagement.

For example, Instagram Stories allow you to ask questions, host Q&A, create quizzes. You can use all of them to create authentic content that brings you closer to your followers.

You can also create Stories that make engagement effortless.

Let’s say you want product feedback. Instead of creating an Instagram feed post and wait for the comments, you can simply create a poll as an Instagram Story.

It’s easier for your followers to choose an option and it will give you a better idea of the results.

#2. Encourage User-generated Content

Another Instagram engagement strategy.


If you want to increase Instagram engagement, make sure you pay attention to what your followers want from you.

Creating content without considering your followers and their reactions won’t lead you to the desired engagement.

A good way to start including your followers to your Instagram strategy is to encourage them to create their own content based on your brand.

User-generated content has been popular on Instagram for many years now.

Whether it’s a contest, a hashtag, or simply the promotion of your products, you are encouraging your followers to express their creativity based on your content.

This way they are staying engaged with your brand while they are also responsible for the content that they’re sharing when tagging you.

#3. Partner with Influencers

If you’re just getting started on Instagram, make the most out of partnerships and influencers marketing to increase your audience.

Partnering with influencers can help you expand your reach but also your engagement.

You don’t need to bring onboard a big celebrity to boost your engagement.

Look at your expanded network, find the accounts that have an influence on your followers. Reach micro-influencers who would like to partner with you.

Do your research to find the right matches for your brand.

How about involving them in a takeover to give them access to your account? It’s a smart tactic to get new followers to notice your account and thus, to engage with your content.

Instagram influencer marketing example.


#4. Offer Giveaways

Instagram giveaways example.


Everyone loves contests and gifts! That’s why Instagram giveaways have become so popular.

Many brands are offering giveaways when they are getting started when they are promoting a new product or simply when they want to celebrate a milestone.

Once you’re ready to offer a giveaway, set up a mini engagement strategy. What does someone need to do to join the competition?

Give clear instructions and make it easy for them to join while also boosting your engagement.

For example, you can host a giveaway and ask for the participants to follow you and comment on the post tagging one of their friends.

You can also involve your Instagram Stories and blend user-generated content with a giveaway to spark their creativity.

#5. Be Creative with Your Posts Too

How to use creativity to increase Instagram engagement.


Creativity always wins on Instagram. Imagine posting the same types of posts over and over again.

Eventually, your followers will get bored with them and your engagement will drop.

You need to stay on top of your game to maintain and increase your engagement.

As the competition grows, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends to produce engaging content.

For example, how about adding animated content to your feed? It’s a great way to capture someone’s attention and get them to notice your content.

#6. Use Data to Support Your Decisions

The best way to find the right content for your audience is to test and learn.

You can start with as many assumptions as you want but you still need to test them to confirm what’s working for your brand.

Start with A/B testing the most popular tips on how to boost your engagement.

Experiment with different content types, various captions and themes.

Focus on one experiment at a time to validate your assumptions.

Pick your analytics tool and look at the data to measure your success and keep the winning strategies for your future campaigns.

#7. Host Live Streams

Video content can lead to great engagement. But live streaming on Instagram can be even more engaging.

Going live is very straightforward. But you don’t just click on the “live streaming” option without a plan.

The best way to boost your engagement is to come up with a plan on the theme and the structure of your live streaming.

Here are some ideas:

  • Get your team to talk about your company culture
  • Celebrate an important day with live content
  • Share updates from an event
  • Host an interview

Make sure you announce your live streaming in advance so that your followers know what to expect.

#8. Create a Hashtag Challenge

A big trend on Instagram lately is around hashtag challenges.

We’ve seen many brands and individual accounts joining a trending hashtag as part of an initial challenge?

Wondering what this is?

Here’s how it works.

Someone comes up with a hashtag challenge like #5kchallenge

Hashtag challenge on Instagram.


They are nominating five of their friends to run 5k and then continue by tagging five new friends.

Just like that, the hashtag is trending and everyone is tagging new people.

From a brand’s perspective, it’s a brilliant tactic to be fun but also engaging while coming up with your own branded hashtag.

#9. Aim for Content That Can Be Easily Saved

Instagram engagement tips.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, engagement metrics are changing on Instagram.

It’s not enough anymore to look at the number of likes and comments that you’re receiving.

When your followers like your post enough to save it for later, it means that they find it interesting to look back at it.

A post that is ‘save-able’ is of high quality and relevance to your followers.

There is a strategy behind content that is easily saved.

The content that you create should make the saving effortless. A good tactic is to make your ask very clear.

If you want your followers to save your post, say it. Many posts are now encouraging their followers to save the content for later.

You can even mention it directly as part of your image.

If your post is actually interesting for your followers then they certainly won’t mind the reminder of saving it for later. Quite the opposite!

#10. Build Your Community

Our final tip is all about the long run.

If you want to boost your engagement while future-proofing your strategy then you need to gradually build your community.

As you’re gaining new followers, it’s important to cultivate the relationship with them to keep them interested in your content.

You want to make them enjoy your posts enough to keep liking them.

The more they engage with your posts, the more frequent your content will show up on their feeds.

By following the tips we’ve mentioned above, you are working towards building a relationship with your followers.

Create content that is appealing and relevant to them.

Involve them in your strategy through user-generated content.

Ask questions through your Stories.

There are many tactics to include in your community building.

Consistency is the key to your success.

Closing Thoughts

Everyone wants to have an engaging presence on Instagram.

And there are many tactics to achieve it.

However, there’s no secret formula to skyrocket your engagement from one day to another.

Even the unexpected success from one post needs to be maintained to bring you the desired results.

Here are the key tips to keep in mind:

  • There are many ways to measure engagement. Keep what’s working for your brand.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas. The more creative you are, the easier it becomes to create engaging content.
  • Keep an eye on the latest Instagram trends. Stay ahead of the curve to stand out with your posts.
  • Test and learn. Experimentation will help you find the best strategy for your brand.

Remember, the more time you spend on understanding your followers and their interests, the easier it will become to create content that they’ll want to engage with.

Ready to boost your Instagram engagement?