Let’s face it, if you’re a brand on Instagram, you’re not on there for fun. Most likely you’re using the platform to create a meaningful presence that best serves your business and your customers.

You don’t just want to exist in the space, you want to add value, generate brand awareness and increase revenue. There’s a lot of opportunity and potential for brands to significantly increase Instagram advertising ROI.

Optimize Ad Formats For Engagement
A main reason brands want to advertise on Instagram is to increase sales and profits. In order to do this, Instagram knows they have to transform into a friendlier marketing outlet. They’re slowing offering up valuable solutions for marketers, such as a clickable carousel-based ad unit that the company recently introduced.

This Instagram ad format allows brands to put live links within multiple images that users can view by swiping left within the mobile app. With the clickable carousel feature you can highlight multiple images and products. Live links alone make it worth your time to at least test out the advertising waters on Instagram.

Send Instagrammers Immediately To A Point Of Purchase
The fact that Instagram is giving advertisers the ability to link out from individual posts is great step. For years, digital marketers are experienced doing the same with Facebook, Google Display, and Twitter Ads so it resonates. If you’re putting in the time to create eye-catching images and highlight products, then it makes sense to allow your users to be able to click on an image and make a purchase right away. Similar experiences occur today with brands who convert their entire Instagram into a shoppable post experience.

Mobile phones have changed the way we live, learn, and purchase products. It only makes sense that social platforms like Instagram become another outlet for online shopping and sales to take place.

Connect And Turn Real People Into Customers Fast
Instagram has one of the most active and engaged user base out there. It was once reported by Forrester Research that Instagram generates 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. Fans are watching, liking, commenting and sharing like no other. This is your chance to jump in on the conversation and engage with your followers whenever you want.

Use the platform to get opinions and thoughts on products and projects, and get instant feedback from some of your biggest supporters. Even though it’s hard to swallow sometimes, your fan’s brutal honesty can be very valuable to your brand’s strategy, products and campaigns.

Work With Social Influencers On Instagram
Influencers play a big role in a brand’s marketing strategy and definitely help cultivate success. They know the right people, places and outlets to get your brand noticed. So with all of these changes happening on social platforms, you’re probably wondering how Instagram advertising will affect these influencers.

Your Instagram Advertising strategy should be paired with a Social Influencer marketing strategy. First and foremost, you absolutely need influencers to help reach and gain new customers on Instagram. It’s important to do your homework or gain the tools to automatically find and activate the right influencers and build working relationships with them. You want influencers who are authentic and genuinely appreciate and believe in your brand, your products and your message. If you’re not using them, it’s time to get up to speed about how they can help you.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. If you’re willing to put in the research, time and energy to build your brand on Instagram, then it’s likely your efforts will pay off. There are plenty of reasons to try, so why not give it a shot. Learn everything you need to know about Instagram advertising before you get started.