On social media, video gets results. According to Animoto’s 2020 survey insights, video ads were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from. And with 500 million daily active users, Instagram Stories is a key platform where video drives action.

For brands, video ads on Stories have driven sales, landed new customers, and helped them stay connected from afar. Working at Animoto, I’ve seen this first hand. In this post, I’ll outline three examples of brands that have effectively leveraged video on Instagram Stories – and tips on how you can apply what they’ve learned to your own brand.

Farmer Joe’s Gardens Drove Sales with a Stories Video Ad

Farmer Joe’s Gardens, a family-owned farm based in Connecticut, shared an Instagram Story ad sharing their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offering. The farm is run by fourth-generation farmer Joe DeFrancesco and his wife, Ida. The business’ vertical video was created using photos and videos they already had, paired with branded text, and call to action to sign up.

The Stories ad was a hit with their audience, getting them 266 clicks, and 20 purchases in a week. That’s an 87 times greater return on investment for their business.

Tip: Use what you have. Creating a social-ready video ad is as easy as taking a few photos and video clips of your product on your smartphone. No time? Use stock images and video clips to get your message out quickly and easily.

Core Rhythm Fitness Landed New Customers with Instagram Stories

Core Rhythm Fitness, a boutique fitness and nutrition company based in New York, knows just how to tap in to the visual nature of their business. With a 15-second Instagram Story, the brand took viewers behind the scenes of one of their upbeat training sessions. The energetic content stopped viewers in their tracks, and drove results for the business.

The video ad reached 11,632 users, with nearly 3,000 views, and 11 new sign-ups in one week. With a $91 total investment, that’s less than $9 spent for each client booked.

Tip: Tell a unique story. Each brand has a story to tell. What goes on behind the scenes of your business? Your story is an opportunity to draw viewers in, and encourage them to learn more about your offering.

Civic Life Project Boosted Link Clicks to their Event Page

Civic Life Project is an educational collaboration and initiative that challenges students to learn about civics and democracy through documentary filmmaking. The team at Civic Life Project recently shared an Instagram Stories ad encouraging viewers to RSVP for their Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge Awards Screening.

The nonprofit’s video ad was relevant, memorable, and effective driving over 400 link clicks to the event page on their site. By the end of the week, the ad had reached over 119K viewers. The video ad performed so well Civic Life Project decided to share it on their other social media platforms as well.

Tip: Repurpose your content. Using your first video ad as a template, you can create promotional content for varying platforms. For instance, switch the ratio from vertical to square to share it in the Facebook Feed and Twitter. Or, create a shorter version of the same ad, and see which performs better.

Instagram Stories is rife with opportunities to connect with your target audience. With video, it’s easy to share your offering, and drive prospective customers from discovery to action. And with free options like Animoto, adding video to your marketing strategy is fast, easy, and cost-effective.