Content syndication on sites like Instagram can make your content go viral. Moreso, they offer a free way to mass share your content.

Brand storytelling is an increasingly important part of a successful marketing strategy. It can be as simple as a single video—like the one posted on Instagram Reels—or as complex as an entire series of videos.

Instagram specifically is a great place to put short videos because that converts people into actual consumers. Videos are a pretty powerful marketing medium. Once you can tap into the emotions of your audience effectively, they are more likely to remember your brand.

This goes for the Gen Z marketers too. According to Criteo, Gen-Z streams an average of 23 hours of video each week.

Marketers for this generation recognize that customers do more than simply buy a product – they buy into the lifestyle advertised by companies. Gen Z, also known as millennial-light, seeks quality and value over quantity.

Who are Gen Z Marketers?

Gen Z marketers are values-oriented social media influencers who want businesses to be authentic.

Born between 1996 and 2010, they love to syndicate videos on Instagram Reels that are creative, bold, and different from their millennial counterparts.

Gen Z has expanded the market for independent living by young professionals. They have the uncanny ability to filter content. With a short attention span, the best way to grab their attention is to entertain!

Benefits of Working With Gen Z

1. They value individual expression.

Generation Z is open to exploring different products that allow them to be unique and express themselves. They are happy to pay an extra fee for products that allow them to align themselves with products that are personalized and cater to their individuality.

2. They’re protective of their privacy.

Gen Zers are increasingly turning to social media to get real human interactions. But they are more protective of their privacy online than Millennials, and they don’t want businesses to be pushy with their marketing. If you aren’t careful, your marketing efforts might come off as creepy or overly invasive.

3. They value diversity and equality.

When it comes to gender equality, 77 percent of Gen Z state that brands that encourage equality on social media have a positive impact on them. More diversity in ads is desired by 71% of respondents.

7 out of 10 Gen Zers believe it is important to protect identity-related causes. They are more interested in human rights, race and ethnicity issues, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender issues, and feminism than previous generations.

So, what is the one go-to video content syndication platform for the fiscally responsible, independent Gen Zers?

Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels

Image Source: Instagram

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new way to share short videos on Facebook. It’s organized into an easy-to-find tab on the Explore page. It is a content format that lets you make 15-second videos and share them in a dedicated Feed.

Whether you’re creating a funny movie to share with friends or making a video to announce that you’ve launched your campaign, it’s easy to record and edit multi-clip videos. You can also add audio, text, special effects, and stickers, share them with your followers.

Instagram Reels has managed to capture the attention of influencers and Gen Zers, despite being criticized by older generations as a “TikTok copycat.”

How to Use Instagram Reels in Your Marketing Strategy?

Here are our top 3 Instagram reel tips to help you create awesome videos for content syndication that’s valuable, interesting, and get results.

1. Post educational content

We’re not talking about lecturing your followers like your high school history teacher did in history class. We’re talking about educating them on your products (without sounding like an infomercial)…which probably sounds a lot cooler than school anyway.

For example, your Reel content can talk about:

2. Post product reviews

Instagram Reels is a fun, easy way to create unique videos that entertain your fans while showcasing your product.

You can share more than just videos. You can add a background, filters, effects, music, and a countdown timer to bring your story to life in a uniquely engaging way.

3. Post behind the scene videos

Behind-the-scenes content provides insider access to your products or services. Since you’re doing this to a larger audience, there’s the advantage of building a large-scale relationship between you and your customers.

If you own an eCommerce company, you can use Instagram Reels to display the behind-the-scenes of selecting fabric and receiving samples for approval.

These Reels will serve as a connection between your brand and your customers, allowing you to become more human and giving your customer someone to connect with behind the scenes.

How to share Instagram Reels?

You can quickly post your Reel to your profile once you’ve finished recording. It is the same as uploading a photo or video. You can also send it to someone as a Direct Message (DM) or put it on your Instagram Story!

Can you syndicate Instagram reel to other platforms?

In a move to boost engagement on Instagram, recently, Facebook started testing a feature that allows Instagram users for content syndication directly to the Facebook platform. The news was first reported by Reuters.

The technology company is conducting a trial in India that will enable users to upload short videos from its acquired network Instagram.

The videos will have proper augmented reality effects, and sharing them from one platform to another will be pretty easy.

Besides, Facebook is releasing its own short video feature, similar to Instagram’s “Facebook Reels,” on the main app.

Five Instagram Reels Syndication Platforms Marketers Should Be Using in

Video syndication is the process of republishing your video content on a third-party website. Essentially, it is a cost-effective way to increase your reach and maximize the value of your marketing videos. There are multiple reasons you should syndicate your videos:

  • Syndicating allows you to expand your content distribution and get more views to your videos.
  • Content syndication offers free publicity and advertising without requiring much investment.
  • A syndication strategy can improve your traffic.

When marketing your own business, you can use syndicated videos as a way of showing your authority in the industry. The best part about this is that it’s simple to do — Once you post one video, all you have to do is link it!

Now that you understand why this technique works, let’s look at the five Insta Reels syndication channels you can use to grow your audience.

1. YouTube


Image Source: YouTube

With over two billion users, YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to syndicate a video. It currently dominates the digital video market by allowing the distribution of videos with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Currently, 85 percent of marketers use YouTube in their promotions, indicating that it is very successful.

The best part about using YouTube is that its interface is extremely user-friendly, and it only takes a few steps to create an account on the platform. You can even use the built-in analytics dashboard to track the performance of your content.

If you want to share your video on your website, YouTube makes it easy. You can get an embed code in a click or customize any parts of the site.

Also, if you happen to grow your channel enough, you’ll be able to make money with one of YouTube’s monetization options.

2. TikTok


Image Source: TikTok

If you’re looking for the next-generation video platform that engages the attention of Gen Zers, then TikTok is just for you.

Brands who successfully leveraged TikTok early have reaped massive benefits in terms of brand awareness and return on investment, without needing to spend large amounts of time or money. Unlike other platforms, TikTok has an extremely level playing field when it comes to achieving viral status. Content really is king on TikTok.

If your content gets a good response from those who see it on their For You page, it will stand a chance to reach a larger audience, and then even more, and so on.

3. Facebook


Image Source: Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world, so it should come as no surprise that even video marketers create videos for this platform. A recent survey found that 76% of video marketers planned to use Facebook in 2020.

Despite the fact that Facebook is not always associated with video, it is hard to ignore the following facts:

  • Videos receive four billion views daily, with each post having an average 6% engagement.
  • Native Facebook videos get shared 480% more than YouTube videos.

With videos only increasing in popularity on this social network, now is the best time to syndicate your videos out there and increase views.

4. LinkedIn


Image Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for all types of businesses. It has business owners, recruiters,

educators and anyone seeking employment can use this platform to find what they need.

LinkedIn users mainly consist of professionals, this platform is useful for content syndication in front of your peers’ eyes.

LinkedIn only added the ability to upload videos on the website a few years ago. Since then, video content has grown in popularity on the web, with syndication options ranging from video advertisements and product demos to online video courses and educational content.

5. Snapchat


Image Source: Snapchat

A Snapchat Story is a collection of videos and photos that stays on Snapchat for up to 24 hours. It allows you to share your latest moments with friends and family.

Users enjoy spending time on Snapchat because of the short-lived nature of its content. If you want to fully leverage this platform, a perfect way is to provide exclusive access to your brand through syndicated videos.

You can also use your QR code to invite customers from other social media sites and share an exclusive Snapchat collection.

How Can Marketers Benefit from Syndicating Reel Videos?

Benefit from Syndicating Reel Videos

Image Source: Instagram

Undoubtedly, video content syndication is a great way to increase leads for large to small businesses, which is why so many brands are practicing it.

Here are some of the major advantages.

  • Brands can get their content in front of a fresh pair of eyes: Syndicating reel videos to different sites can allow you to reach new and diverse audiences with your content.
  • Brands can enjoy increased online exposure: The more online exposure your videos get, the more likely people will visit your website or buy your product.
  • Video content syndication is an excellent source of link-building: Marketing experts agree that when it comes to search engine ranking, link building is one of the best ways to improve your site. Gen Zers rigorously syndicating videos can help with that. The more sites you syndicate your content to, the more organic links you’ll get.
  • Brands can enjoy traffic: Of course, the sites you have your video on, the more traffic you can funnel.

Like any other video sharing site, Instagram Reels adds a watermark, which is awkward and frustrating when you just want to use them for brand promotion.

Luckily, there are tools like Apowersoft Watermark Remover, Video Watermark Remover, Kapwing that help you remove watermarks from Reel videos.


When starting with Instagram reel content syndication, a lot of business owners and marketers think that the first thing to do is to pick a social video platform to post their video on.

Gen Zers do not shy away from sharing data. They prefer technology that empowers them over checking inventory and those that end direct value.

Not sure where to begin? Well, the best place to start is video-sharing websites and social video platforms. These have large audiences with a variety of demographics.

If you have any other thoughts, share your ideas in the comment section below.