Recognized as one of Instagram’s most controversial celebrities Josh Ostrovsky, aka@thefatjewish, has faced criticism for appropriating visual content from around the web without giving proper credit to the original creators. His Instagram account boasts over 5.9 million followers, and Ostrovsky earns approximately $6,000 for each product mention in an Instagram post.

Since signing with a Hollywood talent agency, leading to an increase in both his celebrity status and money earned from his Instagram photos, Ostrovsky has received even greater criticism for repurposing content without crediting the original creators.

Sharing content on Instagram isn’t as easy as a retweet on Twitter, a share on Facebook, or a reblog on Tumblr. Instagram cares deeply about its community as well as preserving intellectual property rights. However, Instagram users claim that there isn’t enough done by Instagram on policing the theft of photos and removing the stolen content.

Reposting content can be a great way to collaborate with influencers, share user generated content, and connect to your audience. We’ve created your guide to reposting Instagram content with four ways to properly credit the original owner of the photo.

How to Repost Instagram Content

Option 1: Tag & Comment

Most Instagrammer’s are happy to have their content reposted if it’s properly credited. Simply tagging the owner of the photo in the image is not generally considered proper credit as it doesn’t provide any context for the photo or where it was originally posted. Additionally, it requires a further step by the viewer to tap the photo to see the tags on the image.

Option 2: Direct Message

Instagram’s direct messaging feature streamlines the process of connecting and communicating with other Instagram users. With the recent update, you can tap the arrow underneath the photo that you want to regram and send the image with a short message to the owner to ask permission to use the photo.

Option 3: Send an Email

Instagram leaves ample space in the bio section for an email address or website link. Instagrammer’s who create quality content tend to provide a separate method of getting into contact. Email or do a bit of digging to try to get in touch (send a tweet!) to ask permission to repost the photo.

Option 4: Use Latergramme

Latergramme’s web app feature allows you to search for content by location, user, or hashtag and add it to your media library. You have the option to credit the owner of the photo with a banner or in the caption.

Reposting images via Latergramme is the safest and easiest way to repurpose Instagram content as it provides the owner of the image with the credit they deserve.

Your Guide to Reposting Instagram Content

This article originally published on the Latergramme Blog.