Today it’s all about great visual content and videos online, and publishing stories on Instagram is just one way an audience can better get to know a brand. In order to attract new followers for your business it is important to branch out and try new mediums.

How can your personal brand create more visibility online? Through branded posts that will attract a new audience organically. There are a few ways you can present your stories in an entertaining and visually appealing way.

Mobile marketing is all about making a connection with others, and presenting a message that is on their level. There are several ways to attract followers to your personal brand without directly selling to them.

Steps to successfully posting stories on Instagram

Your posts should encourage users to want to provide immediate feedback in the comments section. Here’s how to make this work for your brand:

  • Make an announcement for a product or service – One of the ways a brand can utilize stories is by creating a short photo or video showcasing your latest offering. These posts are great because most people are willing to watch a quick glimpse of your product or service. Just add some fun emojis, text and filters and you’re ready to go. Showcasing what your business has to offer is quick and simple with the opportunity for engagement in the comments section.
  • Take them behind the scenes – Use photos or videos at an important event to present a short behind-the-scenes look at your brand. For example, bring your audience into trade events, a day in the life of your office, how a product is put together, ect.. This is a great way to give consumers an inside exclusive look into what you do, which also humanizes your brand.
  • Promote an upcoming webinar or podcast – Are you having a live and exclusive event coming up? Invite people early with short videos, and include a strong call to action. There are various apps that can help you to create this, which can also be shared on places like Twitter and Facebook.

Stories on Instagram for your personal brand is a great way to connect more with your audience and respond right away to feedback. Entice your followers with helpful information or bring them into an offline event that you are involved with. The more frequent you post these the more visibility your brand will generate.