Beauty brands do a great job of instituting social takeovers. By asking influencers to share their beauty routines or demonstrate how they utilize different products, they build up an arsenal of user-generated content—straight from the users themselves. In turn, influencers are able to use the brand’s social channel as a platform from which to grow their own following and boost their reputation as an industry expert or advocate.

It also has an even grander effect – brands who participate in insta-takeovers often see a sharply-increased engagement rate and an uptick in subscribers or followers.

Here is a guide to walk you through the basics of an Instagram takeover.

Take note—beauty brands aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this strategy. How does this idea align from the perspective of other companies – maybe those who don’t offer a product or tangible item?

So, we hosted a few of our own take-overs with a few influencers from the TapInfluence Marketplace across a wide variety of topics: blogging tips, home design, travel, and even food & recipe.

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Each creator was able to weave in what it is that they do best, while layering in professional tips and tricks designed to illuminate the creative content experience.

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And the results? First and foremost, our engagements tripled! Before the take-overs, our following stood at a solid 580. After? Well over 1100.

get more instagram followers

Most brands can benefit from this strategy – whether you’re an online dating site or a giant pet food brand.

Here’s the kicker: A brand uses a social takeover to increase their following and engagements…it also allows the influencers to engage in self-promotion, and actually draws new following to those influencers as well…andddd repeat! Thus the brand and the influencers are creating a symbiotic relationship that extends beyond the traditional affiliation. It’s the great circle of social influence!

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