Get More Brand Visibility with Instagram Stories

Build Your Brand With Instagram Stories

Do you use Instagram for your business? If so then you should know that Instagram Stories feature has become increasingly popular with brands with new features and updates being added frequently.

In 2016 Facebook launched their casual sharing add-on in an effort to draw in the existing Snapchat audience. According to the Social Report blog this caused a significant decrease in usage as influencers in the United States favored the Instagram version.

Short, live stories are no longer a new social media concept and are on the rise quickly as users can gain a quick glimpse into your brand’s personal side. Content shared in Stories are temporary, and include the use of fun filters and text. People love seeing and sharing funny, interesting, creative and photos and videos. Your brand can benefit from this type of storytelling by providing special offers and engaging your audience with announcements, events, etc.

The first thing to know about Instagram Stories is that this feature is only available on mobile. Like Snapchat you can place filters over your photos and videos like this example here from marketing expert, Mari Smith:

The feature is a creative way to draw attention to your brand if your website, hashtag, or promotion is clearly shown. By taking a quick snapshot you’ll begin to experience more engagement, followers, and website subscribers.

Frustrated by a lack of likes and comments on your photos and videos? Showcasing a story will place your brand at the top of a user’s profile for greater visibility:

There is currently no limit to the number of Instagram Stories your brand can share each day, however; users are allowed to mute a story if they are seeing too many of them. It’s important to not only stay relevant to your audience with the right number and message but to also be sharing when they are online.

Last December Instagram allowed profiles to include their specific location, as well as insert hashtags for greater visibility in the feeds. It used to be that only your followers could view your stories, but now anyone can. What’s even better is you can now include important links such as a sales page or website on your images that users can swipe to access like this example:

Here are a few ways to take advantage of live stories on Instagram and increase your audience and conversions:


One of the ways a business can utilize stories is by creating a photo, slideshow or video. These ads are great because most people are willing to watch a a quick glimpse of your product whereas with advertisements they might pass you by. Asking a question with a specific hashtag provides the opportunity for engagement in the comments section.


Use quick shots to present a short behind-the-scenes look at your brand like the example below from the newly remodeled Space Needle in Seattle, WA. This is a good way to promote upcoming events, a day in the life of your business, how a product is put together, ect.. Consumers want to get an inside exclusive look at what you do, which also humanizes your brand and takes them right where you are.

Short Videos

Do you have a quick update you would like to share? This provides a glimpse of what you’re up to by showcasing, shorter-length snippets like this video from Jenn Herman, Instagram expert. This is easy to do and can be more effective than a long video.

New product or feature announcement

Give people exclusive access to what’s new by sharing a product or feature image that is eye-catching. Fast Company uses this to announce new tech news, and this method can also work well for a product release and even a new blog post covering a hot new topic:

There are many uses with Instagram Stories that offer and fun, creative and interactive experience for your target audience. These snapshots aren’t intended to be professionally edited, but instead are a quick glance for your viewers to enjoy without feeling like they are directly being sold to.