In this age of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and more. Instagram has managed to gain a massive following for its photo sharing app. With over 95 million photos and videos shared daily, it’s become a favourite of not just your friends and family, but for celebrities too, who use Instagram to keep fans updated, to give behind the scenes looks and to engage with their legions of fans.

Here we’re going to run down what we think are the 5 best Celebrity Instagram accounts, in no particular order, from the world of Hollywood, music, sport and more. And with everyone from Pop stars, professional wrestlers and Bollywood superstars on Instagram, there was a lot to choose from.

5. Dwayne Johnson

With 57.3 million followers, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has cemented himself as one of Instagram’s top players, with regular updates from behind the scenes of his latest films, to heartwarming stories about passionate fans. What makes his Instagram account special is his inspirational messages to keep working hard and achieving your goals.

4. Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is one of the world’s biggest Bollywood Superstars, but you wouldn’t know from her Instagram, which is full of cute, heartwarming pictures. Her Instagram is full of adorable posts with her family and friends, her cats and her travels. It’s clear she has a lot of fun with her Instagram and her 7.3 million followers probably agree!

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

You be forgiven for thinking someone like Cristiano Ronaldo, one of Football’s best ever players and global superstar, would have a PR team running his Instagram account, but the football star is completely full on when it comes to the social app. Posting everything from team snaps like the one above to selfies with his son. Cristiano Ronaldo keeps his millions of fans updated and happy with a fun and active Instagram account.

2. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s 75.4 million followers just love seeing glamorous updates and posts from the lady herself, and she doesn’t disappoint, usually posting anywhere from 3 to 5 pictures and videos a day, highlighting her glamorous lifestyle at various parties, modelling shoots and work. She also posts lots and lots of selfies, showing off her makeup or outfits to her army of fans.

1. Selena Gomez

With 86.9 million followers, Selena Gomez has more followers on Instagram than anyone else, except for Instagram themselves (who have over 100 million followers!), and it’s easy to see why the singer has managed to keep a balance between posting about her showbiz lifestyle and keeping it down to earth and casual. With posts ranging from red carpet snaps and modelling photos to adorable pictures with her close friends and family, Selena Gomez has made herself the Queen of Instagram.

So that’s our opinions on who we think are the best celebrity Instagram accounts out there, do you think someone else is worthy of a spot on our list? Why not let us know below in the comments, tweet us @YamgoTV or post to us on Facebook. Be sure to follow our Instagram and Google+ accounts too for even more content.