Are account takeovers right for your Instagram Marketing?

Instagram_account_takeoverMost marketers are familiar with the benefits of guest blogging, and how it can lend credibility and backlinks to your site. So it would follow that the same principles apply to other areas of content marketing. Could handing over they key to your account be a good move for growing your Instagram following too? There is a lot to consider before deciding to activate an Instagram account takeover for your brand. We’ll outline some of the people who would be best to target and why these activations could work for you. With this information, you can evaluate whether or not an Instagram account takeover could work for you and how to do it best.

Influencers who embody your brand values and style and have engaged with your product before are ideal for account takeovers. They’re familiar with your brand and will be enthusiastic about engaging with your brand as a spokesperson on a deeper level. We recommend you choose someone you’ve already worked with on a previous influencer marketing campaign.

Though you don’t always have to select influencers just because they have a large following for your campaigns, this is one circumstance where you’ll definitely want to choose an influencer with a large following. The more people that follow them, the more that can potentially follow you.


Typically, when an account takeover happens, the content creator will hype their involvement with the brand on their social accounts beforehand. This inevitably leads to a surge in followers and, when done properly, can draw brand attention from a large group of relevant followers.

The content that an influencer creates on your social channel is a welcome break from the brand’s typical posting style. It is a great way to engage followers in a visual experience, hosted by the brand, with authentic, exclusive user content.

Takeovers provide content for a set period of time… which means you don’t have to make content during that time. Every social media manager loves a break!

Brands who do this well


The founders of this popular cleanse program encourage all participants to participate social sharing as morale boosting and community building during the challenge. On this account, they share recipes for the challenging ingredient restrictions and allow popular clean eating bloggers/Instagrammers to takeover their account weekly. This activity has propelled them to over 355K followers.


HubSpot, a leader in the inbound marketing world, helps businesses grow through sales, CRM, and marketing resources. Their Instagram is a lighthearted look into the company, its employees and what makes them tick. They do a periodic #HubSpotEmployeeTakeover that allows an insider to show what a day in the life is like– fun and informative.


The world famous makeup retailer allows beauty pros to take the reigns on their Instagram accounts. This showcases how different people use their products and shows the brand in action in high-profile– and highly brand relevant– settings, like London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.