Instagram is not for everyone. In the social media wheelhouse, where Facebook and Twitter have become staples of digital marketing, many companies seem to struggle with creating an effective Instagram feed.

Certainly, some B2C marketers have got it right—look at Virgin America, whose in-flight photos make their airplane look like a dance club; or Adidas Original, whose Instagram is filled with photos of DJs, breakdancers, and stylish people wearing Adidas shoes. When done the right way, Instagram offers creative ways to catch a customer’s attention. So how can B2B marketers apply the same thinking?

How Software Giant Adobe Leverages Instagram

Take a cue from Adobe. The computer software company fills its Instagram with images of what you can do with its product—beautiful graphic design, 3D art, and highlights of new product features. But it’s not all about Adobe products. Its feed also includes scenes from their corporate HQ (like “behind the scenes” and “making of” posts) as well as events and images that inspire. In other words, its Instagram is about community, and all of the beautiful imagery that comes with it. That’s what helps a brand stick.

The Visually Compelling World Of AMEX

The point isn’t just to visually show what you can do—it’s to show whom you are, and why other companies should be excited to work with you. On the American Express Instagram feed, followers get a sneak peak into events like exclusive fashion shows and the US Open—which sends the message that American Express can take you places that the average person can’t get. There’s no understating the “cool factor” that comes with having that kind of imagery on your Instagram, even if the company’s actual product—credit cards—has nothing to do with it.

GoPro: Don’t Sell The Product, Sell The Experience

Another way to leverage B2B Instagram marketing is to provide demos or tutorials. Since Instagram offers a video option, you can physically show your followers how to use your products or best utilize your services. The GoPro Instagram feed, rather than showing boring photos of GoPro cameras, has photos and videos of extraordinary moments captured by GoPros. By embedding a video showing how something works, how your product is made, or what you can do with the product, your business seems more relatable to prospective partners.

Instagram isn’t all about selling. It’s about representing your brand through images and curating a feed that’s both creative and true to your company.