What will Facebook do next after they finish rolling out business profiles?

Well, I recently noticed that Instagram started showing suggested friends in my newsfeed.


It is a pretty cool feature for finding new friends quickly, but I believe it is merely a primer for what is to come. If there is anything I have learned from watching Facebook over the years, it is that they are great at subtly rolling out features that seem great at first, but then switch it up to fulfill it’s money making obligations.

This is how I think it will go down, once a business updates to a business profile, I believe Instagram will start building a wall between business profiles and personal profiles just like they did on Facebook. Once that happens business pages will no longer be able to grow by following and unfollowing users as they do now.

Instead what I believe will happen is Instagram will roll out ads for businesses to appear in the suggestions for you section, just like how Facebook did it with the “Pages you may like”.

Now this is going to be a huge deal for people who are just starting out on Instagram, as building a following will be incredibly difficult without paying.

My advice to any business owner now:

  1. Continue building your following on Instagram as quickly as you can.
  2. Avoid switching to business profile for the time being as the analytics aren’t really worth switching for.

If this is indeed where Instagram is heading, I believe it won’t be rolled out till the 4th quarter or early next year. They usually are pretty good at giving people time to adjust to the changes.

I would love to know anyone else’s thoughts!

This post was originally posted on Linkedin