Instagram Stories can help your business stand out from the competition. Learn how big brands are using it in this infographic.

The Instagram Stories feature is gaining popularity both for consumers and businesses alike. With 300 million daily users of Stories, it is no wonder that brands are trying to stand out in this market and produce some cool content.

Some companies have already found their niche in the world of Instagram Stories and thanks to their creative use of this platform have had some very effective results.


It might surprise some that NASA actually uses Instagram Stories on a regular basis, but it does and does it well. Not only it posts some awesome images of stars and space, but it also uses Stories as a way to show its followers the life behind the scenes at NASA and additional research.

Therefore, not only are its posts interesting to those who are really interested in space, but the volume of fresh information and content is an incentive for other people too to check out what is being posted on a daily basis.

The important thing to remember here is that every post you produce should add value to your account, with both your feed and Stories complementing each other but not showing the same thing.


Airbnb used the poll feature on Instagram Stories and asked its followers to participate. The creative team asked viewers to identify specific destinations shown in the Story, which was a great way to increase engagement. Plus, by using already existing content, producing the material for the Stories was quick and easy.

Other brands should follow this strategy of getting people engaged with the brand while also adding an element of fun to this marketing approach.


The makeup brand of Maybelline uses Stories in a different way. It promotes new products through influencers, which is a tactic that always sells better than just an image of the product itself.

This works especially well if the influencer is famous, as consumers believe that if the product is good enough for the celebrity, then it is good enough for them too.

If you want to find out about more brands that have successfully utilized the power of Instagram Stories, then check out the infographic from below.