We live in an era when Instagram posts can become leading news headlines. This is an exciting prospect for celebrities, brands and people who love to make a statement. Of course, being worthy of grabbing headlines all comes down to mastering the art of the Instagram post. Time, content and intention are all big factors to consider when crafting an online presence on the popular social media platform. While many posts from celebrities, brands and popular personalities appear spontaneous, they are actually carefully crafted to have the most impact. Getting likes and followers all comes down to paying attention to the clock. There are key times during the day and night that are ideal for grabbing eyes and engaging users. Your job is to identify and seize those precious times. Are you ready to use Instagram as your own personal marketing machine? Since you likely don’t have a 6 figure social media manager on staff, here are five things to consider when attempting to create catchy, addictive and sharable Instagram posts.

The Best Day to Post on Instagram

According to Social Aid, Wednesday is the best day to post on the platform. The theory goes that people are looking for an easy way to escape when faced with the dreaded midweek slump. Thursday, Tuesday and Friday come in just behind Wednesday in terms of user engagement. Instagram users definitely have a case of the Mondays. The platform’s least popular day is that dreaded day when we all go back to work, school and other responsibilities after the weekend.

Catching the Younger Crowd on Instagram

You have two sweet spots per day when it comes to getting the most likes for your posts. Many studies have shown that 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. are ideal times for receiving feedback when posting. If you’re looking for reposts from younger users, 2 a.m. is a great time because users are likely looking for some interaction on restless nights. This is also a time when many college students and young adults are up studying or “wasting time” on the Internet.

Engaging the Professional Crowd on Instagram

If you want to engage with working professionals, 5 p.m. is the best time to upload a shot to Instagram. The people logging in at 5 p.m. are looking to catch up on what they missed during the day while they were busy with work. Many users are logging in at this time while stuck in their evening commutes.

The Right Content for the Right Times

Posting the right thing at the right time can work like magic on Instagram. For instance, videos and links to videos should be posted in the evening when people have the time and freedom to sit down and watch them. Posting a video in the middle of the day may not be effective since many people are unable to turn up the volume on their devices because they are stuck at their offices or in classrooms.

Keep Your Time Zone in Mind

Depending on the country, city or coast you’re targeting, you need to tweak your posting times on Instagram. Breakfast in Los Angeles is lunch time in New York. If you wish to attract users on both coasts, you can stagger your posts. You should always have the time zone of the followers and users you’re targeting in mind if you want to be effective on Instagram. There are many programs and services that actually allow you to schedule posts for times when you will be away from your device or asleep in your own time zone.