5 Dreadful mistakes you should avoid in your Instagram Bio

Instagram marketing is definitely one of the most effective strategies to generate both organic and paid traffic. Of course, every single marketer should assess the potential that Instagram has when it comes to their own business. If your audience is young, likes to post pictures, and loves to scroll the news feed, I believe that Instagram marketing will be a great fit for your business.

You’re reading this post because you’re either considering starting or you have already started your Instagram marketing journey.

Like with everything in life, you should take it step by step, and “solve” the basics or the principles of your marketing campaign. The first thing you must do when starting an Instagram account is deal with your Instagram bio, an aspect that will heavily influence your marketing performance.

In today’s post, we’re presenting several dreadful mistakes that you should avoid when crafting your Instagram bio. Additionally, we’ll leave you several insightful tips and tricks to improve your Instagram’s bio results. Pay attention, filter the information wisely, and take action the moment you feel like you should!

What Should You AVOID When Writing Your Instagram Bio?

1. Don’t write it without a target audience in mind

Never write your bio without considering your target audience. Most of the people who will visit your Instagram page will do so because they have a certain interest in what you have to offer. Therefore, your bio should be aligned with your target audience’s expectations!

2. Don’t over-optimize keywords

You should add keywords in your Instagram bio. However, you shouldn’t overdo it because it might hurt your performance more than it improves it. Even though SEO is an important aspect of any marketing strategy, and the keywords you use in the bio are supposed to resonate with your followers, you should always keep your bio simple, unclogged, and concise!

3. Don’t forget the purpose of your bio

Please, do not forget about the purpose of your bio. Every social media bio, including Instagram’s, is meant to allow the user to describe himself or his business offers. You’ll need to present your business in the most professional and intriguing way so that whoever reads that description will have a genuine interest to find out more.

4. Don’t forget about hashtags

Hashtags are Instagram’s “special” marketing tool. You should not forget about it because that would be just like you would forget to bring new and free traffic through Instagram stories. In case your business doesn’t have a brand hashtag yet, you should create one and place it in your bio immediately!

5. Don’t forget to add a strong CTA

Oh, the CTAs. You understand their purpose, you might be using them already, and yet, you might not have considered adding a strong CTA in your Instagram bio. Why? Every big brand does it, why wouldn’t you? Add a CTA in your IG bio and start controlling your traffic the way you please!

What Should You FOCUS ON When Writing Your Instagram Bio?

1. Keep it Short and Concise

Short and concise. Aim to do that and your IG bio will look great. If you think about it, a bio’s role is to emphasize the most important details that a person/organization wishes to display to a wider audience. You’re limited to 150 characters, so that shouldn’t be a problem. The problem comes when you are not able to write concisely about your business.

Here’s an extremely simple Instagram bio page – everything you need to know :

Keep it short and concise

2. Emphasize Your Unique Value Proposition

What makes you special from the rest? If a person were to choose between your Instagram profile and your biggest competitor’s Instagram profile, why would he choose you? Those are the questions you use to figure out your unique value proposition. Once you figure out the one or two things that no other competitor can present, you should place it in your bio!

Ashley clearly knows how to grab people’s attention. She displays her above-average professional status along with her “true” vision, which is to inspire, encourage, and empower other women :

Keep it short and concise

3. Try to Establish Rapport and Trust

Use your Instagram bio to establish rapport and trust with your target audience. One or two powerful sentences that state your brand’s mission and culture will be just enough for your followers to pay attention.

Jessi really knows how to present herself. Using humor and personal details, she manages to make you want to get in touch!

Establish rapport and trust

4. Proofread and Edit Your Bio

Lots and lots of marketers and businesses commit a terrible mistake: their Instagram bio contains grammar or spelling mistakes. This is a huge mistake, and you should avoid it by all means. Once you’re doing writing the bio, I’d suggest you take advantage of the following tools:

5. Never Forget to Include Your Contact Information

If you forget to add your basic contact information (email, website contact link, phone, etc), very few people will actually take the time to contact you with inquiries. Very few people will reach your products and services, and very few people will become your actual customers. Put your contact information and make it visible!

A simple example, this e-commerce business follows the rules. If any visitor is interested in the swimsuits showcased, they can easily contact the site for more information –

Contact info is a must


Please, do not underestimate your Instagram’s bio importance. If you think about it, it is the first element that pops into your prospect’s eyes. It is the first impression and the first conclusion that people make concerning your company. Fix your bio’s mistakes, optimize it according to the presented suggestions, and see your performance skyrocketing!