Instagram Blog Post IMAGEInstagram marketing… it started long before Instagram introduced ads to the platform. But it’s only been done well by a select few brands. And, to call it like it is, most of those successful brands are already visually driven lifestyle brands: Anthropologie, Target, W Hotels, Coca-Cola, etc. It’s only every now and then that you come across a should-be-boring-brand with an absolutely dynamic Instagram presence. (I’m thinking of General Electric as a terrific example.)

So, let’s say you’re one of those visually boring brands. You know… your company sells B2B services or propane. In other words, you don’t just naturally have a whole lot going for you on the aesthetic front. If that describes your company, then these five apps for marketing on Instagram should be in your download queue immediately!


Offerpop is a marketing tool that lets you create and manage campaigns across just about every social media channel you can imagine (with the exception of Google+). You can track Instagram hashtags, track performance, store user-generated content in an easy-to-access library, knock out auto replies for your campaign, and publish photos across different channels. It’s also worth noting that brands like MTV, Pepsi, TOMS, Gap, and American Express use Offerpop.


Jumping over into the world of free apps for marketing on Instagram, Slidagram allows you to create slideshows on your website that are based around popular hashtags or location. For marketers with a huge library of Instagram images, this is a great way to easily extract the photos that pertain to your upcoming event or campaign. Plus, it’s hard to argue with free.


Short for Visual Supply Co., VSCO allows iPhone and Android users to create striking images, using unique filters that are almost in direct opposition to Instagram’s many heavy-on-the-saturation filters. Maybe your brand will find its aesthetic in this app. To learn more about the quickly growing company, I highly recommend this in-depth read from Fast Co.


Afterlight is kind of like VSCO Cam’s next-door neighbor. Combine the editing features of the two apps and you’ll find yourself headed off in the general direction of aesthetic bliss. Especially valuable: Afterlight’s 75 unique, simplistic, and adjustable frames.


Followgram is the ultimate in Instagram analytics. This is a must-have app for marketing on Instagram. Followgram provides tons of free stats about who liked and commented on your content. Plus, the service offers special tools that allow businesses to run contests and get accurate analytics. Followgram is used by Ford, National Geographic, Nike, Armani, and others.

Do you have a favorite app for marketing on Instagram? Drop a link in the comments.