Over the last few years, Instagram has become a powerful sales machine with more than one billion potential customers. For marketers and business owners, this means an opportunity to reach out to their target audience, spread a word about their product, and turn followers into customers.

Shopping on the platform is just one of the top Instagram trends. According to Business Instagram, 80% of users follow a business on the platform and Instagram influences almost 75% of user purchase decisions, so it’s no wonder 25 million businesses drive results with Instagram marketing.

Working in a competitive environment, having a coherent Instagram account is not enough. It’s vital to stand out from a crowd, so over 2 million companies advertise on Instagram to raise brand awareness, grow engagement, and boost conversions. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, pay close attention to Instagram carousel ads.

If you want to run Instagram ad campaigns successfully, you need to consider carousel ad format. Although there are different ad formats on Instagram (photo, video, Stories), carousel ads allow companies to showcase up to ten images or videos in a single ad. Thus, companies can either tell a story about the brand or showcase products without spending much money. Simply put, Instagram carousel ads are cost-effective and engaging for users.

Want to know how to make the most out of Instagram carousel ads? Take a look at four ways to show off your product on Instagram with this ad format.

1. Tell a Story about Your Brand

Planning your advertising campaign, it should meet your Instagram marketing goal. For example, if you want to build brand awareness and attract new followers who may become your customers in the future, it’s important to tell a story about your brand.

Storytelling is a perfect technique to connect with your target audience and deliver your brand message without being too salesy. With Instagram carousel ads, it’s easier for companies to tell more about the brand, its products, and values.

Let’s just take a look at an example by General Motors Company (GMC). Although the company showcases one long image, each card tells its story.

Credit: Instagram

When you rely on brand storytelling, you evoke emotions that help to establish a connection with Instagrammers. And it’s your perfect chance to stand out from other brands hoping for the attention of the same audience.

Want to know the best part? Since video marketing is getting more and more popular on Instagram, there are different video ideas for your company to consider, and posting short videos in your ad is a great way to tell more about your brand.

2. Demonstrate the Features of a Single Product

Online shopping is getting more and more popular: 84% of US online shoppers review at least one social media site before making a purchase and over a third of Instagrammers have purchased something with their smartphones.

Although people are more likely to discover online, customers can’t try on the items before buying them, and it prevents them from making purchase decisions. However, with the right advertising, marketers can convince visitors to buy more.

For example, you can use Instagram carousel ads to demonstrate your product from different angles. When it comes to wedding design, customers are picky about products. Thus, Wedding Paper Divas has decided to use carousel ads to show off their wedding set (invitation, table cards, etc.) in a single ad.

Credit: Instagram

What can we learn from the company? If you want to encourage Instagrammers to take an action after seeing your ad, there’s no better way to do it than offering a discount in the final image.

3. Showcase Several Products within One Ad

No matter who you are, whether a marketer, a business owner, or a designer, you must have heard that putting customers first helps to grow business, right?

Ads are aimed at attracting new audiences in most cases. Thus, creating Instagram ads is your chance to make a good first impression, and therefore convince visitors to follow your brand. To reach the right audience, you need to promote the right products. Since all customers are different with their needs and wants, it’s important to showcase several products to give Instagrammers a chance to find something that suits them.

With carousel ads, it’s no longer a problem: you can learn from Wendy’s and introduce up to 10 different products in one ad.

Credit: Instagram

In this ad, the company showed different salads they offer so that every customer could find something he or she would like to try. As a result, the company was able to attract more followers.

4. Teach Customers How to Use Your Product

Back in 2015, Rand Fishkin, the CEO and co-founder of SEOMoz, told marketers to earn awareness, respect and trust instead of selling the product. In other words, Fishkin suggested keeping a focus on solving customers’ problems.

Nowadays customers are fed up with traditional advertising, so it’s important to explain to them why they need your product, not highlighting its features. Thus, marketers can educate their potential customers and tell them how to use their product. Moreover, it’s easier when you have up to 10 images or videos.

Here’s an example:

Credit: Instagram

When you teach customers how to use your product, you show the potential of it, so you’re more likely to attract Instagrammers who consider your product as an option.

The Bottom Line

No matter what is your goal, whether you want to showcase several products, highlight features of a single product, or explain how to use it, carousel ads a great option. Moreover, running carousel ads doesn’t require spending additional money. Thus, it’s a proven way to show off your product to new audiences and bring your business to the next level.

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