marketing on instagram

You’re probably already marketing your brand on Facebook and Twitter—and perhaps even LinkedIn. These are often the three social platforms that come to mind when social media marketing is mentioned. There’s another—Instagram—that’s often overlooked for marketing purposes, simply because the others seem to be where all the customers are.

If you’ve been avoiding Instagram for any reason, it’s time to reconsider. Believe it or not, it has more monthly users than Twitter at 300 million. What’s more, 62% of Instagram users follow the brands they love. In other words, they might just be there to shop. So, how can you create an Instagram feed that your buyers will love?

Let’s take a look at some helpful hints.

Consider What You’re Selling

You may actually be just fine without an Instagram account. If you’re selling services or software, perhaps there’s nothing for you to take pictures of. Instagram is a perfect fit for companies that want to introduce products, share tutorials, and perhaps even give social proof through images of influencers using your products. Without the need for these things, what else might you share?

Before you decide against Instagram, there are a few other things to consider. Part of your brand is your company culture. What better way to show transparency than to share images and videos of your staff members at work and play in the office or on team-building exercises? You can also share thought-leadership quotes, news worthy items (like the last award you got or other good press), and videos of speaking engagements or other things your buyers might find interesting.

Go Where Buyers Are

Your first question when considering Instagram for marketing is whether or not your buyers are there. It’s important to consider your buyer personas any time you open a new channel of communication. If those consumers aren’t at the other end of the line, then you’re wasting your breath.

With 300 million monthly users, there’s a good chance your buyers are on Instagram. To be sure, study the demographics of Instagram—specifically as they relate to marketing. For instance, if you’re looking to reach women, you’ll want to know that 31% of women use Instagram. If those women need to be younger, then knowing 55% of all online 18-29 year olds use Instagram helps you determine if your audience is there.

Be Consistent

Switching your bio profile image to feature products or staff members might sound fun and inclusive, but it will actually be confusing. Worse, buyers will simply scroll right past you because they don’t recognize you. You’ll have plenty of chances to share photos of your staff members in your Instagram feed.

The same applies for your Instagram feed. Remember that you’re promoting your company and not your personal life. Images you use should reflect something about your business, so save your selfies, latte art, and friends’ night out shots for your personal account. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a little fun, but it should always reflect on your company—not on your personal life.

Use Your Bio Space

The first thing new followers will see is your business’s bio, and you know what they say about first impressions. Coming up with a short profile description is difficult but necessary. Use the small space you have to describe your business, using language that matches your brand voice. You only get one shot to let buyers know what you’re all about, so don’t waste it.

Also, be sure your website is included in your bio. What good is a social media platform if you’re not using it to drive traffic to your website? You can’t answer buyers’ questions in a single Instagram post, so get those interested followers to your website!

Are you considering an Instagram account for your brand now? If so, these tips will help get you started. As always, if you need help, we’re here for you.