boosting content with Instagram

Instagram has taken off like a rocket since it was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Its artsy and aesthetics characteristics have made it a visual equivalent to its more text-based sibling, Facebook.

Not only is it liked by millions of daily users worldwide, but since its release Instagram has proven its worth as a social media platform that helps businesses engage current customers and attract new ones using visual content since.

But how?

That’s precisely what we’re going to talk about in this blog.

Today I’ll be showing you some pro tips on how to use Instagram as a content booster, including your explainer videos.

Optimize the 60-second video duration.

First, in case you weren’t aware, videos for regular users on Instagram were previously limited to 15 seconds.

Now, a wide rollout has launched the new 60-second limit.

That makes your 60-second explainer video a feasible content to share on Instagram.

What this means is that you have a whole new subset of audience for your explainer videos, and this is an opportunity that you must not take for granted.

This massive expansion was related to Instagram’s plan at the time to add a stories feature, which later was revealed to allow users to take pictures or record up to10-second videos, complete with text and filter tools.

In addition, Instagram’s decision was in sync with the rise of video content and the exponential growth of the netizen’s interest in watching videos, for one.

Engadget reports that the number of people watching video on Instagram jumped 40% in the last six months.

In addition to explainer videos, the teaser formula works amazingly well, not only on Instagram, but also on nearly any digital media. This method of content repurposing is likely to increase the size of your audience by presenting existing content in a different, more intriguing way.

For example, the latest Marvel movie (as of writing this article), Doctor Strange, has a teaser on its official Instagram account:

by @doctorstrangeofficial

Make use of an Instagram story.

Don’t treat Instagram stories just like Snapchat’s, which is a platform that’s meant to be more personal and gritty.

For most businesses (which aren’t personal brands), that style will not work in conjunction with Instagram’s more polished story features.

So, unless you are building a personal brand, avoid being too personal in your stories.

There is also an optimal time to update your Instagram, since stories last only 24 hours.

The more stories you post, the more likely you’ll appear at the top of someone’s Instagram feed while they’re exploring the platform.

But not everything is always worth sharing. Some ideas that your audience might like for your Instagram story include:

– Behind-the-scenes glimpses

Your audience likes to be treated as exclusive members. Giving them sneak peeks into the other side of your business is one way to do so. If you have something share-worthy happening at your office, share it on video. Showcase the people you work with in a regular spotlight series.

Maybe it’s an early design sketch, a video of you visiting the manufacturer behind your product, or simply a high-quality product shot of the final item.

These kinds of targeted looks at your creative process can build a new level of trust with your audience.

And lift off! Credit: NASA #nasa #space #iss #science #cygnus #antares #wallops #spacestation by @nasa

– Glimpses of your company’s life outside business

Instagram stories may be temporary, but their effect on your overall brand isn’t. Polished stories that show a real, but still carefully created, look at your business are key to humanizing your brand to existing customers and potential sales leads.

Consider showing brief behind-the-scenes looks at your business’s personality.

Image credit to

Image credit to

Invest in Instagram ads.

If you were wondering whether Instagram ads actually work, the click-through rates are astounding. Users are 2.5 times more likely to click on Instagram ads than ads on any other social media platform. This proves that they are much more economical for your brand’s advertising budget.

The eMarketer’s Instagram advertising forecast anticipates that Instagram mobile ad revenue will amount to $2.81 billion globally by 2017.

Instagram users are not just teenagers mindlessly clicking away; these people are spending money. The average order value is $10 higher on Instagram than Facebook. Looking at the big picture, sales from Facebook dwarfs Instagram, but marketers have been optimizing Facebook for years.

  • Organic Marketing Reach – 63% decrease on Facebook (FB) vs 115% increase on Instagram (IG).
  • Brand Engagement – 32% of FB users interact with brands vs 68% of IG users.
  • Post Engagement – Instagram has 58x more engagement per follower than FB.
  • Usage – 93% of marketers use FB vs 36% IG.
  • Average Order Value – $55 FB vs $65 IG.

Social media engagement is one thing, but making actual money is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. Fortunately, Instagram delivers in this area.

A Shopify study shows that Instagram referrals had a higher average order than those customers who were referred by Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Getting more for less is a concept that any business can get behind.


Instagram is, in many aspects, the equivalent of Facebook in visual content. Therefore it is only wise to treat Instagram with as much effort as you put toward your business’s Facebook page.

Here are the keys to using Instagram as your visual content booster:

  • Upload your 60-second video content to Instagram as posts.
  • Show off your company’s personality and how it is behind the curtain.
  • Invest in Instagram ads, but be sure to meet the community’s standards with well-designed visual content.

What do you think of Instagram’s rise as a marketing tool? Let me know.