Gorgeous Examples of Social Photography

instagram marketingHow many times have you been scrolling through your news feed, despite what social channel you are on, and skipped over numerous status’ because you thought someone’s status wouldn’t be entertaining until you see a picture. Pictures grab your attention the quickest, even though they still may not be as entertaining as that post you scrolled over. That picture pulled you in. A light bulb should be going off in your mind right now.  Your company needs to be posting more photos! According to Social Media Today, photos bring in the HIGHEST engagement on social media.

This is why apps like Instagram are growing in popularity. If your company is not on Instagram, you may have wanted to join that train, yesterday.

Here are three accounts that are doing something right:

1. Redbull

instagram marketing

“Your photos. Your story. Your show.” May only be a six-word phrase, but is probably the best way to summarize how your Instagram marketing campaign should be. This phrase was the caption to an Instagram video from Redbull, who’s Instagram is very appealing to not only athletes but photography enthusiasts. You don’t have to be an extreme athlete, nor do you have to enjoy energy drinks to enjoy their account.

Marketing notes to take away from their account:

  1. You don’t need to have your product or logo in every picture.
  2. Appeal to your main user base. In their case it’s extreme athletes, hence the majority of the photos of extreme sports.

2. The Ellen Show/Ellen Degeneres

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According to Mashable, The Ellen show account is the most followed brand with over 3 million followers. Ellen’s account posts photos of her guests as well as photos she finds hilarious, only to add an even funnier caption to go along with it. Even though the account is for a brand, it also has a personal account feel. Celeb accounts, like Ellen’s, are the top most followed accounts on Instagram.

Marketing notes to take away:

  1. Treat your company’s account as if you were a celebrity. Give your consumers a look into your brand that they normally don’t get to see.
  2. It’s ok to be humorous. Your account doesn’t have to be serious and down to business all the time.

3. Instagram

instagram marketing

Well we could hope the app itself would be doing something right and they are! MakeUseOf has reported Instagram as the most followed account on the app (based on the number of followers) with over 53 million followers! Their list included the top ten followed accounts, all of which were celebrities, except Instagram. Their account beat out accounts like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. What exactly does the account promote? It’s users of course! Their account includes photographs taken from its users from all over the world!

Marketing notes to take away:

  1. Give back to your number one fans: Your users. Show them you can and share their posts. It’s the least you could do when they use your product.
  2. Tag the user you shared their photo of. This is just another way to give a kickback to your users.

With millions of followers each, they’re doing something right.

Apps like Instagram, allow users to tell their story in photos and videos, which are the two most popular forms of marketing efforts to catch the attention of viewers. This a great chance for companies to tell their stories, giving their consumers a look inside to the company that they can’t get elsewhere. If this is done right you can achieve not only brand awareness but brand loyalty.

Now is the time to get on board the Instagram train!

header image credit: sattva/freedigitalphotos.net