Are you looking for content ideas to spark new life into your Instagram feed?

Wondering how to create good Instagram content that guarantees to engage your audience?

Fact: Frequent posting on Instagram can improve your brand’s success on the social network.

The thing is, coming up with unique Instagram content ideas every day isn’t easy. At the same time, posting the same thing over and over isn’t going to keep your audience engaged for long either.

In this article, you’ll find inspiration to help you beat a creative block you might have. In fact, you’ll discover 11 Instagram content ideas that will help you maintain a successful content strategy.

So, let’s get to it.

What Makes a Good, Quality Instagram Content?

Now, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for Instagram content. However, there are certain characteristics your stories and posts should meet.

It goes without saying that Instagram content must be engaging.

First of all, there’s more and more competition for the audience’s attention (and competing on the network is only getting fiercer by the day.)

Instagram users have become super-aware of what they like and don’t in their feeds, and discard poor content instantly.

Consistency and creativity are just two ways to help ensure that your content engages the audience.

And then, there’s the Instagram algorithm that actually can make it harder for a brand to stand out. Well, that’s until the algo picks up that your content resonates with the audience. Once that happens, you stand a much greater chance of your posts showing up for new audiences.

But to achieve it, you need to publish creative and quality content consistently. Full stop.

So, how do you do that?

Here are some Instagram content ideas to consider.

#1. Start a Challenge

A good way to stay creative in the longer term is to pick different themes that last more than a day.

You can start your own idea of a branded challenge based on the industry you are working on. It could be a running challenge or a cooking challenge or simply, anything that would be interesting for your audience.

The most common challenges last 7, 14, or 30 days but it’s up to you to choose the ideal timeframe that works best.

Example of an Instagram content idea showing a challenge.

#2. Share Long Captions to Tell a Story

Instagram may be a visuals-first platform but the captions you include in posts can make a difference to your engagement too.

Many brands have managed to stand out by using storytelling in captions and taking their followers on a journey. Combined with a powerful image, such captions can bring a new life to your content, just take a look at this example.

Image showing a long caption on an Instagram story.

Spend more time thinking of your captions and experiment with your storytelling skills in new creative ways. Learn from the best. For me, National Geographic’s Instagram account is a great example of how to tell engaging stories through long captions and captivating images.

#3. Add Creativity to Product Promotions

It’s OK to promote a product or service on Instagram, of course. But you don’t have to do it in the same way that anyone else does. You don’t have to just post a product’s photo. Instead, you can push the creative limits. Display pictures showing specific product features. Or create a video of the product in use. Add humor to it, if possible. There really are no limits here.

An image showing a creative way of presenting a product on social media.

#4. Share an Interview Through Stories

Not all your Instagram content ideas have to focus on your feed posts. Instagram Stories can help you highlight your authentic presence too.

A good way to come up with new content ideas is to invite others to your Stories. Interview someone – an influencer, a client, or a coworker. The story can make great content without necessarily needing too much editing or planning on your part.

#5. Post a Longer Video on IGTV

Did you know that your longer videos can also be shared on IGTV too?

Instagram’s sub-product is focusing on longer videos and it can make a great addition to your video strategy.

Not all videos have to be short. If you want to share a story, a longer video can help you get your message across in a more structured way.

An image showing video on Instagram.

Remember to think of the engagement techniques to keep your audience interested while watching a longer video.

#6. Get Creative with Your Photo Grid

Your Instagram content ideas shouldn’t be limited to posts at an individual level. In fact, you can bring creativity to your overall presence on the social network.

Take your Instagram profile, for example. The profile offers a quick introduction of your brand and your products and delivers the first impression about you to new visitors.

You can work on the profile’s aesthetics and then, use that style in the visual feel of your posts as well.

Many brands play with their grid and how their photos look like when combined, making their profile to stand out. You can even create one bigger picture through nine individual posts if you want a brand product to differentiate from the competition.

Here’s one example of how that might look.

An image showing a creative Instagram grid.

#7. Plan an Instagram Stories Takeover

Have you ever considered running an Instagram takeover? One reason to launch it is that it can help you generate great content from internal or external collaborators.

You can invite different team members to take over your account for a day. Or you can give access to influencers and partners for a change (which, by the way, may make up for a good influencer marketing strategy.)

Instagram takeover example.

And the strategy can deliver some amazing benefits for your brand.

First of all, you get to see new content shared without having to actually create it.

You can also reach a new audience that was already following the person taking over your account.

Not to mention that with a takeover, you get to break the routine. And that’s something your followers would certainly appreciate.

Keep in mind, you still need the takeover to be consistent with your branding. Make sure you share your brand guidelines and posting tips with anyone taking over your account.

#8. Post a User-Generated Content

Your followers can be great contributors to your Instagram content strategy.

Sharing user-generated content can bring you closer to your followers. They get to connect with your brand while you’re exploring new content opportunities.

Another Instagram content idea featuring user-generated content.

But there’s a catch. For the user-generated content to work, you need to provide your audience with a strong direction on what you’re planning to share.

Start by actively asking users to share their ideas with you. Also, encourage the sharing of user-generated content through:

  • Contests
  • Branded hashtags
  • Themed posts

#9. Keep Up with What’s Happening

The best way to create relevant content ideas for Instagram is to keep up with what’s happening in the world.

Imagine ignoring coronavirus and sticking to your content calendar the way you planned it months ago. It may have worked but you could also miss an opportunity to show your followers your human side.

In the time of a crisis, changing your Instagram content strategy proves that you can be agile enough to respond to anything that’s happening. And your followers tend to appreciate this.

For example, sharing tips on how to stay healthy and safe at home can lead to increased engagement in the short term but also improved brand loyalty in the longer term.

Image showing an Instagram post relating to a recent event.

#10. Create Instagram Stories Collage

Instagram content featuring a collage example.

(Source: Unfold)

Everyone loves a great collage on Instagram Stories.

It’s a creative way to share a visual message through multiple photos or videos.

There are many brands and influencers creating collages every day and it’s now easier than ever to create your own collage.

All you need is a narrative that will blend different images together to tell a successful story.

#11. Share Your Tweets In an Instagram-friendly Way

How many times have you come across a funny tweet wondering how to share it on Instagram?

What if a customer sent a happy tweet that you want to share with your Instagram followers?

A simple screenshot is not enough for your Instagram aesthetics.

But you can still share a creative version of your tweet.

There are many apps that help you turn your tweet into an Instagram post in just a few steps. It’s an easy way to repurpose your content without ruining your brand’s Instagram grid.

An example of an Instagram content idea featuring a tweet.

Closing Thoughts – Turning Your Instagram Content Ideas Into a Plan

It’s always handy coming up with new Instagram business content ideas. We’re not feeling creative all the time so any source of inspiration is always welcome.

Now is time to put the best ideas into practice.

Think of your Instagram content strategy and what your plan looks like over the next weeks.

What are the first Instagram content ideas that you want to try out?

Every idea can be measured towards your objectives. Pick the ideas that resonate with your goals and the types of posts that you tend to share.

Keep the ones that work best for your followers.

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