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Less than two years ago, Instagram announced that they would start relying on a sorting algorithm to determine what content was and was not displayed to users. The algorithm would display content that Instagram’s machine-learning system predicted would receive the highest engagement. Content that was expected to perform poorly was not placed as prominently or wasn’t shown at all.

For Instagram marketers who are interested in using Instagram to increase brand reach, acquiring more “likes” is a critical component of success. After all, likes are signals from Instagram users that they have engaged with the content.

Marketers who are able to develop content that earns a disproportionate number of likes will be able to access a wider audience through organic amplification. This article will help readers get more Instagram likes by using 10 simple strategies.

1. Organically increase content reach.

One way to acquire more Instagram likes is to develop content that reaches more people. ViralRace is a new technology designed to help Instagram marketers to acquire more likes. The platform will push content to real Instagrammers who are predisposed to like content similar to yours. This process helps ViralRace users to rapidly generate real likes.

2. Collaborate with freelancers to develop stunning content.

Whether you’re an aspiring Instagram influencer or a small-business owner, success on Instagram is dependent on your ability to publish stunning content that causes Instagram users to stop scrolling through their feed so that they can engage with your post.

If you aren’t artistically inclined, working with a freelancer who is an outstanding photographer, videographer or graphic designer can be an effective way to inexpensively develop stunning content that naturally earns a lot of likes.

3. Analyze performance with a third-party tool.

In order to generate increasingly better Instagram content, you’ll need to turn to data. Investing in a third-party Instagram analytics platform can help Instagram marketers to understand engagement patterns. In time, thanks to the power of real-time data, it will become easier for marketers to recognize what kind of content best resonates with members of the target audience.

4. Work with an Instagram influencer.

A recent study of influencer marketing found that over 95 percent of the marketers who employed some sort of influencer strategy believed it was effective. There’s a reason why brands as diverse as KitchenAid, Samsung and Hubspot have turned to influencers when developing content for Instagram. Influencers can add cachet to content that might otherwise be overlooked by Instagram users. Users will be more likely to engage with content developed or distributed with the help of a well-respected influencer.

5. Experiment with different content mediums.

What started as a simple photo-sharing app has morphed into a sophisticated social network with a variety of content mediums. What works for one brand won’t necessarily work for you. That’s why Instagram marketers must experiment with different Instagram content formats, including photos, video, live video and Instagram Stories, to determine what best resonates with members of a particular target audience.

Experimentation that is paired with a powerful Instagram analytics platform can help marketers develop content that earns more likes over time.

6. Run an Instagram contest.

While contests have fallen out of vogue on some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they are still very much alive on Instagram. Contests help to excite existing Instagram followers, and can help marketers to quickly reach new ones as well.

7. Better understand your target audience.

Instagram marketers will be able to anticipate the interests of Instagram followers once they have a mastery of the wants and needs of the target audience. An effective way to approximate the interests of a target audience is by developing marketing personas.

Brands like Hubspot (a $3 billion software company) rely on marketing personas to create campaigns (including Instagram campaigns) that audience members are predisposed to enjoy.

8. Write compelling captions.

While visual content is at the heart of any good Instagram account, captions can go a long way when it comes to engaging Instagram users. Brands like National Geographic have mastered the art of writing a compelling complementary Instagram caption that motivates Instagrammers to engage with content.

In the example above, National Geographic used a caption to provide Instagrammers with additional context. As a result, the post received over one million likes.

9. Publish user-generated content.

Also known as UGC, user-generated content is produced by an organization’s customers. This type of content can take the form of social proof that engages Instagrammers who might otherwise be skeptical of highly stylized content produced by a brand.

In the example above, BMW re-shared a piece of content posted by an enthusiast. The post received over 250,000 likes. And since the brand regularly re-shares user-generated content, BMW enthusiasts have an incentive to continue to create and share content on the platform, in the hopes that it will be amplified by the brand.

10. Re-share the content that performs best.

Creating a fresh editorial calendar is an important component of Instagram success. However, re-sharing content that performs especially well is also advisable. It’s unlikely that all Instagram followers will view any one post, so re-sharing a piece of content that has a proven track record of success is a good idea in order to engage existing followers and attract potential followers.


Acquiring a significant number of Instagram likes from members of a target audience is possible. In order to be successful, marketers must use a combination of stunning content, compelling captions and careful analysis to regularly develop Instagram content that garners meaningful engagement.