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With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram has become a prime target for brands trying to reach new audience segments. After all, an image is worth a thousand words (and works in several languages). Yet how do you make the most of this social network? How do you regularly produce engaging content? Based on Talkwalker’s new and improved Instagram analytics (and our own appreciation), here are 10 brands killing it on Instagram to kickstart your social media strategy for the last months of 2016.

Adidas (@adidas)

Instagram is a great social network for all sports-related content as it lets sports fans enjoy the opportunity to get behind-the-scenes scoops – from the outfit that their favorite tennis player will wear to the next tournament, or the making of their favorite sports goods, to an inside look at an aspect of their sporting heroes they would never see otherwise.

Adidas is making the most of Instagram’s image-centric format by focusing on the people involved with its brand rather than its specific products. Their images and videos show the athletes in action, tying all sports together through inspirational hashtags such as #FindFocus or #HereToCreate.

Adidas Instagram Analytics Brand Talkwalker

Screenshot from the Instagram account of Adidas

What’s more, in an era characterized by brand neutrality on societal issues, Adidas has taken the strategic decision to be more engaged on Instagram, such as the post below (which collected three times more likes than the average Adidas post).

Adidas Instagram analytics social media

Check out the number of comments on this post!
Screenshot from the Instagram account of Adidas

Buzzfeed Tasty (@buzzfeedtasty)

If you are a food brand looking to post videos on Instagram, Buzzfeed Tasty is for you. The brand almost exclusively posts videos on Instagram and gets a very high view rate (an average 1 million views per video), considering it only has 4.8 million followers.

Buzzfeed tasty Best Instagram brands

Screenshot from the Instagram account of Buzzfeed Tasty

Callaway Golf (@callawaygolf)

Callaway Golf Instagram Social Media Analytics Talkwalker

Screenshot from the Instagram account of Callaway Golf

From the technology behind its products to inside jokes with its brand ambassadors and beautiful action shots, Callaway does it all on Instagram.

Callaway Golf Social Media Analytics

Screenshot from the Instagram account of Callaway Golf

Disclaimer : yes, the author of this article is indeed addicted to golf.

Condé Nast Traveler (@cntraveler)

We all need accounts in our Instagram feed that make us feel like we are traveling, even though we’re still sitting in the same office under the same neon light. Condé Nast does a great job of taking us around the world and makes smart use of popular hashtags (#TravelerInVienna, #TravelerInChicago, etc) and travel bloggers such as @grantlegan or @sashajuliard to give more visibility to posts.

Best Instagram Brands Conde Nast Traveler

Screenshot from the Instagram account of Condé Nast Traveler

Dior (@dior)

Dior Instagram analytics post distribution

According to Talkwalker’s social media analytics, 37 of Dior’s 72 Instagram posts were videos
(between July 27th and September 8th, 2016)

As a fashion brand, it’s hard to stand out on Instagram because of the amount of competition – retail and luxury brands are the most represented sector on the social network. Yet it’s hard to stay away from Dior‘s posts, especially if you’re looking for inspiration for your next product launch, sponsored event or brand ambassador program. With the support of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman and many others, the luxury brand has recently switched to a video-centered strategy on Instagram. Over the last six weeks, over half of its 72 posts were videos (see above graph).

As you scroll through Dior’s Instagram account, you will note the beautiful unity in colors in each group of pictures.

Dior Instagram Analytics Best brands

Screenshot from the Instagram account of Dior

Flyscoot (@flyscoot)

Flyscoot’s mascot, Scootee-Chan, is almost as cute as our Talkwalker Yeti, but that’s only one of the reasons we had to mention the creative account of this small Asian airline. We love the colors present in their pictures, as well as the way the present their various destinations and feature members of their team throughout the account.

Flyscoot Instagram Analytics

Screenshot from the Instagram account of Flyscoot

National Aeronautics And Space Administration (@NASA)

Let’s put it simply: NASA has access to unique visual content and makes full use of it on Instagram. From a video of the end of an aurora seen from space to a picture celebrating the return of astronaut Jeff Williams on solid ground, NASA’s Instagram posts collect hundred of thousands of likes and millions of views.

Nasa Instagram Analytics

Screenshot from the Instagram account of NASA

National Geographic (@natgeo)

We really did try to find a media that was even half as successful as the National Geographic on Instagram, but after a while, we gave up. With over 59 million followers in its community, the magazine has posted some of the most popular images on Instagram over the last year, with its average post generating over 500,000 likes and 1,000 comments. Impressive when you know that the brand posted an average 7.9 posts per day over the last three months (according to Talkwalker’s Instagram Analytics – in comparison, Dior only posted an average 1.5 post a day over the same period).

Instagram Analytics for National Geographic

Here’s an overview of the likes generated by National Geographic’s Instagram post
over the summer (Source: Talkwalker’s Instagram analytics)

As a whole, National Geographic’s Instagram strategy consists of taking us on a world tour with its reporters to discover breathtaking landscapes, stunning wildlife shots and human stories as a preview to future articles.

National geographic best brands on Instagram social media analytics

Screenshot from the Instagram account of National Geographic

Paypal (@paypal)

How do you present an online financial company such as Paypal on social networks? For the brand, the answer was to put forward the human side of the company through its employees.

Paypal Instagram analytics

Screenshot from the Instagram account of Paypal

Redbull (@redbull)

Another early Instagram adopter that managed to go from a mere 10,000 followers in 2011 to over 5.5 million just 5 years later. The beverage brand specializes in Instagram action shots, from mountain biking to skiing and canoeing in extreme conditions. Its nerve-racking videos can generate over 500,00 views! Do not watch the video below if you are scared of heights!

Redbull Instagram Analytics

Screenshot from the Instagram account of Redbull

How to Take Your Own Brand To The Next Level On Instagram

In order to optimize your digital strategy, you need to use reliable indicators to benchmark your performance, identify new visual influencers for your brand and pinpoint the most engaging content. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our social media experts to see how the Talkwalker platform can help you become a star on social.

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