Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people, and even more special are the young people who decide from a very early age that they want to try out their own business. Thanks to the Internet there’s more possible today than ever before, and your only limitation is your imagination. Well, almost.

Young people do face extra challenges when it comes to being entrepreneurs. There’s a pervasive myth out there that young people are lazy and entitled, and this false assumption can prevent many entrepreneurial opportunities from achieving liftoff. But what’s more than that, there are many legal obstacles to doing business from a young age. It’s just plain illegal to issue a credit card or bank loan to a minor, and many banks require credit history to do either, making it impossible to start a business even if you are a young adult. Many credit card processing companies won’t allow minors to use their payment processing systems. And networking events are usually held in places where you have to be 21 to enter.

Even though there are many obstacles, some serious and some minor, facing young entrepreneurs, there are often many reasons why young people make the best entrepreneurs. Their heads aren’t yet filled with dogma, so they are free to try new ideas. They don’t yet have a lot of wealth accumulated, so they are free to move forward without fear of losing everything. Most importantly, young people are digital natives, so they are more likely to be early adopters of tech solutions that will revolutionize the way they do business.

Young people can be some of the best and most creative entrepreneurs out there if they just take the chance and try to overcome the obstacles. Learn more about the pitfalls and strengths of young entrepreneurs from this infographic!

Image Source: Insurance Quotes