Do you know the Toyota Corolla is the most famous and the most sold car ever in the automobile history? Our new infographic paints the picture of a four-wheeled world that helps you understand how the average car would look like: exactly like a white Toyota Corolla with manual transmission and running on gasoline, a car sold and produced in Asia. The Corolla is a compact Toyota sedan available in several different versions. It is also the best -selling model in the entire automobile history, sold in the five continents with a total of more than 39 million units out there since its launch in the year of 1966.

Its name comes from the Latin and means “Crown of Flowers”, which according to the Japanese culture also means happiness and triumph. By adopting this name, Toyota maintained a tradition of that time, in which many of the names of all its cars began with the letter “C”. Take these examples: Crown, Corona, Carina, Celica or Camry, among others. Although Toyota hasn’t surrendered completely to this strategy at the time – names like the Yaris, Auris and Avensis show it –, all the models have a Latin inspiration.

Not even the fact that the Corolla was in the center of the largest recall in the history of the Japanese automaker (affecting millions of cars worldwide), in 2010, affected the numbers and the success of this model. Once the problem was found, everyone knew that the car had a breaking problem that could easily cause accidents. However, not even this problem made the Corolla less popular in the four corners of the world. The car was and continues to be the best success story in the motorized history, a true case of Asian stardom. So if you want to find out more about the average car, spend some time going through our latest infographic!