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Words And Phrases That (Almost) Always Convert [Infographic]

Words that sell. As marketers, they’re a must in all of the materials that we create — landing pages, sales sites, social media, even content marketing assets! We should be able to piece together phrases that pique people’s interest, make them use their imagination and turn the ordinary into something worth paying money for.

We can’t just aim for factual and grammatical accuracy, rhythm and clarity of ideas — although all of these things are important. To write effective copy that generates a reaction, we must dig into the emotional and psychological impact of words.

The infographic below includes a summary of powerful words and phrases that will help you turn everyday copy into conversions and shares.

Key insights:

Replacing a single word in your marketing campaign can dramatically improve your results.

“We’re hardwired to associate words with images, even the ones we don’t comprehend”.

‘Father of Advertising’, David Ogilvy, published a list with his high-converting words.

This infographic was originally published on the Uberflip blog.