Woodworm infographic

Woodworm – a quick information guide

The woodworm infographic above will help you to identify the different varieties of woodworm beetle and recommends what to do if you spot them.

Woodworm beetles are a fairly common problem that can affect timber in homes. Structural integrity problems can be caused by the beetle larvae boring holes through structural timbers within a home as they feed on the cellulose within the wood. So, although woodworm beetles can’t do people any physical harm they can hurt the value of a property if left untreated.

Woodworm treatment can take a variety of methods, from chemical woodworm treatments that kill the beetles and larvae through to completely replacing timbers that have been too damaged.

There are a few DIY steps you can take to identify and treat minor woodworm problems:

In Autumn/Fall through to the Spring, the woodworm larvae will hatch and munch through any timber they are residing in, during this time coat any areas you suspect may be affected with paint. When the adult beetles emerge in the spring they will leave small holes that will be easily identifiable on freshly painted timber.

If you do have a woodworm problem then install electric fly traps in any affected areas in late spring through to the end of summer. This will zap any woodworm that crawl from the woodwork to find a mate, preventing any further infestations.

Source: Wise Property Care – Woodworm treatment