If you want to win the war on content creation and outranking your competition for search results and visibility, you need to keep up with the latest trends in the world today. Once such trend is the massive movement into the world of online video. With mobile devices now in more hands and Facebook shifting their efforts towards mobile and online video, this is where you and your brand need to be as well.

To help with this process, let’s take a look at the Video Marketing Tips infographic below from Vinteo. I’ve also listed a full summary of their recommended tips below:

  1. Size matters – The bigger your video player the more $$$ premium brands are willing to spend on your traffic. While 300×250 is an acceptable size, your CPM can double or even triple if the video player is medium (480×32) or large (640×480) sized. If you’ve got space for larger players add them to your website and your wallet will thank you.
  2. Rich Media, Rich Publishers – Standard placements are so 2016. Premium publishers are taking advantage of rich media solutions such as sliding banners and outstream video ads that open up the video while scrolling through content. Not only do they look pretty, they also generate publishers very high CPM’s.
  3. Turn the sound up – The latest buzzword for the biggest video advertisers is audibility. Playing sounds with the volume up can generate as much as 150% higher fill rates than the same placement but on mute.
  4. Use content that engages your users – Want your users to stay on your site and see more ads? Engaging video content related to your website and targeted to your audience is the easiest answer to provide your users with both a valuable experience on your website and generate you more money. What could be better?
  5. All devices – With mobile continuing its exponential growth it’s important to monetize both your desktop and mobile inventory. When using video tags the same player code works on desktop and mobile web and effectively manages all your impressions no matter what device they are on.
  6. Be seen – If an ad plays below the fold, was it really played? Today’s premium video advertisers are implementing new technologies to be sure that people are actually seeing ads, not just having them run in the background. Video placements that are placed in above-the-fold placements and are verified to have been seen by real humans will receive higher rates than ads no one will ever see.
  7. Be light – Until now one of the biggest drawbacks of online video was its heavy file sizes and lengthy scripts and set up. Be sure to select a video provider or solution that has copy-and-paste features to add a fully featured video player for both desktop and mobile.

With all of these actionable video marketing tips in place, you should see a consistent increase in traffic, engagement and social shares from your audience. The future is video and mobile marketing, make sure you have everything in place to today to secure the success of your business tomorrow.