Are machines coming to take your job away? That has been a popular narrative since the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the last century, but there are still plenty of people working out there. Machines can automate repetitive tasks and prevent humans from having to do too much physical labor, but it takes humans to come up with the ideas to begin with. In short, automation isn’t going to take away all the jobs any time soon.

Automation has already gone a long way to simplifying things that were once complicated and involved a great deal of human interaction. You don’t need to call a cab and pay a human anymore when you want to go somewhere- just click your Uber app. You don’t need to call a hotel to make a reservation and then stand in line to check in anymore- you just click your AirBNB app. You don’t need to analyze massive amounts of data when you can use a program like Palantir.

When you apply automation to marketing, you can rely on machines to make your job easier. It still takes a human brain to input ideas, program the software, and make sense of the output, but machines can help do the heavy lifting. Machines will never replace the creativity of human brains, but they can help to make things easier to do on a larger scale. Take pay-per-click advertising, for example. Machines can do the work of going out and finding the leads, and then sorting the leads by which are the strongest, but it will ultimately take a human to convert those leads to sales.

Learn more about how automation can improve marketing from this infographic. When the machines come to help with automation, will you send them away out of fear or embrace them?


Infographic Courtesy of Global SEM Partners