Although marketing automation has been around for sometimes now, it is only recently that it begun to grow at such a speed that nearly 70% of marketers are using marketing automation tools to enhance their marketing strategies, according to WebEngage. Moreover, 61% of B2B are considering including the technology in their marketing efforts. Moreover, considering the fact that 80% of B2B marketers that have adopted marketing automation have seen an increase in leads, this is something that you should consider.

The rise of marketing automation – Statistics and Trends

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Perhaps your company is a B2B and marketing decisions take weeks even months to be made. Maybe you want to make sense of the numerous data you have at your disposal or you simply want to streamline your marketing strategies. If you fall in any of the above scenarios, then you are a prime candidate for adopting marketing automation.

Here are some reasons why marketing automation might appeal to you.

  1. Multichannel targeting

According to DavisMoore, the present-day consumer is on multiple social media and digital platforms. He/she uses all these platforms to look for information, entertainment, products or services. Therefore, marketers should find ways of targeting prospects in each of these channels to increase sales. Marketing automation makes it possible for one to achieve these.

  1. Marketing automation makes it easy to turn cold calls into warm calls

Did you know that 50% of the time spent cold calling is wasted? That is the reason marketers and sales team are looking for ways to approach customers. the good news is that marketing automation makes it easy for cold calls to be turned into warm ones. Instead of blindly calling prospects, you can use marketing automation tools to gather important data about the customer then use that data to build create relationships with your prospects. This will in turn improve sales close rates.

  1. Improved functionality and usability

Marketing automation has refined the way we consume data. After many years of refining, industry experts think marketing automation offers different platforms that provide great user experiences. This is particularly useful to new and small business owners as marketing automation tools offer many solutions.


  1. Marketing automation is affordable and the completion is using it

It is better for everyone to use marketing automation than to be the only person that is not using. As we already mentioned, 70% of marketers are using marketing automation. In addition to the fact that the completion is already using marketing automation, making it good for you to adopt it as well, it is also affordable. The proliferation of marketing tools has driven down the cost of marketing automation tools. Therefore, there is no excuse for you not to use marketing automation.

  1. Detailed reporting

Marketing automation tools are known to provide detailed analytics and reporting solutions. This makes it easier for marketers to gauge how successful their marketing strategy is. Marketing automation can provide you with detailed graphs, demographics, statistics and other important information.