In 2018, a report claimed that the global Elearning market was touted to touch over $325 billion by 2026. But virtual learning picked up tremendous steam worldwide last year with coronavirus-induced lockdowns. It led to remote teaching — using digital platforms — becoming the norm.

Education technology platforms saw a considerable uptick in demand and their valuations. But even brands capitalized on the eLearning demand, teaching their audiences on subjects of their interests.

The future of education is possibly changed now. As online learning is a convenient (learn at your own pace), efficient, and an easily accessible way to learn new skills, these changes in the wake of the pandemic could stay. As a business, educational courses present an opportunity to build brand awareness, goodwill, and generate leads for your business.

If you’re a brand that invests in educational content marketing, online courses could be a great fit for your team. They will deepen relationships with your audience and can serve your company as well. Most SaaS companies create a “knowledge center” that walks customers through their product’s features.

But major B2B brands such as HubSpot even run full-fledged academies around subjects of interest for their target audience (which are mostly related to digital marketing). As per an Ebook released by the company, these 350+ courses on their education platform “generate tens of thousands of users every month.” The Academy also grew by 115% year-over-year.

What steps can your brand take to capitalize on this major online learning trend in 2021? Launch your own online course (build it using one of these platforms). Before you begin, research the pain points of your prospects and their eLearning interests.

It might also make sense to leverage microlearning — which relies on short, focused learning units. Typically these micro-lessons take 5 to 7 minutes to complete, so it’s a huge convenience for people to consume them. It makes the process of content development also pretty faster.

What’s more?

The retention rate and engagement for such bite-sized learning are also better than traditional learning.

Microlearning is a major corporate learning trend. Here’s an infographic designed by Graphic Rhythm that shares more such intriguing online education statistics: