By combining influential social media users with your marketing strategy, you put your products and services in front of more people and multiply conversion opportunities.

When influencers endorse your products/services, they create a positive sentiment around your brand.

And while many businesses still hesitate to incorporate influencers in their marketing campaigns, here are some reasons why you should embrace influencer marketing.

1. Influencers Build Trust

Influencers have strong relationships with their audience, anchored on mutual trust. When they promote your brand, their followers are amenable to check out your products.

In essence, influencers transfer trust to the brands they partner with. If the influencer lists out relevant use cases, provides usage guidelines, and explains product benefits in detail, they can build even more user trust in your brand.

What’s more?

When people trust your brand, they tend to be more loyal to it. If they get exemplary service and good products, they may even consider brand ambassadorship for you. And when influencer followers share your content, you can penetrate new markets and win more business.

2. Improves Reach Among Relevant Audiences

If you partner with an influencer in your niche, you can get your products in front of people interested in what you offer.


There’s a high probability that those who follow influencers share a common interest, hobby, or values.

And by working with influencers whose audience resembles your ideal buyers, you can reduce your advertising spend.

3. Boost Reach

One of the reasons why these social media celebrities are called “influencers” is because they have decent followings. Mega- and celeb-influencers in fact have huge followings.

Working with high-tier influencers enables you to create inroads in markets that were inaccessible to you earlier.

Even if you work with smaller influencers, you can reach narrow niche markets that you would find challenging to tap on your own.

4. Improve Content Quality and Quantity

Influencers have a finger on their audience’s pulse. That’s why their content resonates with the audience. It has an engaging and authentic quality that the majority of branded content lacks.

When you collaborate with influencers, they create content that hits the target with your audience. They help you combat ad blindness and enrich your content strategy with fresh ideas.

5. Drive Sales

If you find an influencer with a relevant audience and high engagement, they can help your brand drive sales in a big way.

But how?

Your brand rides on their influence, popularity, expertise, and credibility to earn audience trust. As you know, trust is a major driving force behind purchase decisions.

Moreover, some influencers drive direct sales by sharing discount codes and initiating “try-and-buy” conversations with their followers. Last, influencer-led contests and giveaways can give your access to new followers and new sales opportunities.

Need more inbound links to your site?

Work with influencers.

Better still, collaborate with popular bloggers who double up as influencers. When these content creators write guest posts for you, you earn quality backlinks from target sites.

Likewise, influencers with popular blogs of their own can build your rankings.

How so?

They might write sponsored posts for you on their blog, linking back to you.

In addition, they send a lot of traffic your way. And, since the traffic is targeted to your main service pages, your website gets traction for the right keywords. Google takes this as a sign of authority, pushing you up on relevant searches.

There are many more benefits of partnering with the right influencer.

Like what?

Read the below infographic.

12 Benefits of Influencer Marketing that Every Brand Should Know

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