We need intelligent people around us to make the world better and more livable. We can get those people if we let everyone read the right information about everything, and that doesn’t exclude information about our money, the people printed on them, the history of its fringes and grime. We need people who can look at things, and then process in their minds the solutions to problems we have in the world: poverty, human trafficking, bad reviews of movies you know is a genius piece of work. What we need is intelligence. What we need is superior people.

Superior people can be found everywhere, but they have to be nurtured. They have to be taught how they can structure the world in such a way that solutions will be harnessed, will be applied to real-world issues. Sometimes we need to be extra creative to find these people and sometimes studying the history of something as seemingly facetious as a banknote can get you somewhere near to that goal.

Did you know that Sir Walter Scott approved of the people printed in banknotes? Well, you should, because that might be information that could help you find the real answer to Large Hadron Collider’s issues. And that’s something, right? So go, splurge yourself with all the information you can have from this infographic today.