When it comes to your smartphone or tablet operating system, which is more social? Will it be the iPhone or iPad that runs iOS or your Android ran smartphone or tablet? These two services make up the means of staying connected and social in today’s society.

There are 500 million activated Android devices compared to 410 million activated iPhone devices. However, there are a large variety of devices available for the Android system. Android also has more downloads to popular social apps. Although, iPhone has Facebook and Twitter becoming integrated into your contacts on the new iPhone 5, which helps keep you even more connected to the social world.

Speaking of Facebook, the popular social networking site is ranked highest social app in the Android app store. Coming in closely behind is Google+ and Instagram. Although these apps are ranked highest with Android, iOS has a different variety of apps. Coming in first place in highest ranked apps on the iPhone or iPad are Instamessage followed by Pinterest and Twitter.

It’s all about the apps nowadays, so who is downloading what? On Android, the top five free apps include Gmail, Maps, Street View, Facebook, and Youtube. While Youtube is coming in 5th place for Android, it’s the number one free downloaded app for iOS users. Following Youtube is Instamessage, Temple Run, Gems with Friends, and SpaceEffect FX. Currently, Android has 600,000 apps available, most of which will run on tablets, however, the number of tablet-optimized offerings is significantly lower than iOS. With iOS, there are currently 650,000 apps that are available and 225,000 apps for iPad and is on top when it comes to apps as far as smartphone platforms go.

So, who is more social? While Android does have more devices available, iOS has created new ways of staying connected. Check out the infographic below presented by Startapp to learn more.

courtesy of StartApp