When it comes to counseling, there are four main types of counselors that you can become. You can choose a path in school and career counseling, substance and behavioral disorder counseling, rehabilitation, mental health and marriage and family therapist.

If the path you choose to take is working in a public or private school as a counselor, you’d be able to help students develop their social skills and succeed in school. If you’d like to work in a school system but with older students, you could become a career counselor and assist people with the process of making career decisions within a college, government career center, or private practice.

Another choice available is substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling. Within this counseling field, you will be advising people who are alcoholics or people suffering from other addictions such as eating disorders, or other behavioral problems. These counselors provide treatment and support to help their clients recover from addictions or to modify problem behaviors.

Rehabilitation counseling is another career path. These counselors help others with emotional and physical disabilities to live independently. They also help their clients overcome social, personal, and professional effects of disabilities as they relate to employment or independent living.

Lastly in our list of counselors, we have mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists. This is a very popular counselor for people to see as they deal with everyday life. These counselors and therapists help people manage and overcome mental and emotional disorders and problems with their family and relationships. They help by listening to their patients and asking questions to help the clients understand their problems and develop strategies to improve their lives.

So, whether you’re working in a school system, a private practice or in any work environment, helping others is a very important and rewarding career. There are many choice in counseling for you to decide on, so which fits you best?

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