Does LinkedIn’s algorithm favor posts that don’t link off the platform? This is probably one of the biggest debates we hear from LinkedIn’s fans on social media.

One of the most effective ways to grow your business is having an active and engaging presence on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is not just an app that connects job seekers with prospective employers anymore. LinkedIn is the preeminent social network for hiring and recruiting and a powerful marketing tool, with more than 57 million company users worldwide.

To determine how LinkedIn’s algorithm works, people started wondering how to optimize their posts. Is it better to place the link in the post itself or in the first comment on LinkedIn?

What do I mean when I say a LinkedIn post with a link vs. one with no link?

When we share a post on LinkedIn, we usually share a link with our own comment. But we also have the option to share only the comment (an image or a video, for example) and then add the link in the post’s first comment.

Lately, the behavior of adding the link of the resource in the first comment of the LinkedIn post seems to have gained increased popularity.

But do these LinkedIn posts bring more engagement? Do they reach more people?

The team at Socialinsider did a study and analyzed more than 86,504 LinkedIn posts from a total of 883 LinkedIn pages to discover where to place links in LinkedIn posts: in a post or the first comment.

Below are the key findings of the study:

  • Posts with no links perform better across all types of posts on LinkedIn
  • Brands with a LinkedIn presence don’t usually post links in comments
  • The most performing type of content on LinkedIn is an image with an engagement rate per post of 0.45%

Take a look at the infographic below to discover more insights!