Venngage has shared its latest findings on the graphic design trends that will define 2022.

Staying up to date with new trends can be a challenge but the design solution’s annual study will make it easier for brands to adapt.

For 2022, these are the eight trends that will impact marketing efforts.

  1. Inclusive visuals
  2. Fun data visualizations
  3. Bold backgrounds
  4. Colorful icons and illustrations
  5. Serif fonts
  6. Branded memes
  8. Social screencaps

Venngage has also created an infographic that highlights the 2022 graphic design trends.


We look at each of the biggest trends in detail below.

1. Visuals are becoming more inclusive

1 Inclusive_Visuals_Trend_Twitter_Post

Alongside the pandemic, 2020 saw numerous events that impacted the types of visuals brands create.

There was a resurgence with the Black Lives Matter movement, which went global. The #StopAAPIHate campaign put a spotlight on other marginalized communities.

In general, there was an increased discourse around representation or the lack thereof, and what society and brands could do to rectify the situation.

Brands have begun to answer those rallying calls by adapting their marketing strategies to reflect diverse communities.

This is one of the biggest graphic design trends of 2022 and it’s already underway. We’re seeing more inclusivity in visuals used on brand websites and social media.

Icons, illustrations, and photos now display a variety of ethnicities, orientations, and abilities.

Inclusive visuals are going to be a mainstay in marketing communications. Creating collaterals that reflect the society a brand exists within will benefit companies and bring communities closer.

2. Data visualizations are focusing on fun topics

2 Fun_Data_Visualizations_Trend_Twitter_Post

Data visualization has become one of the most attractive and interesting visual forms over the last 18 months. But the cut-and-dried data visuals of 2020 have already become passé.

The pandemic has been a difficult time for most people. Consumers are tired of heavy topics. They’re looking for a release through entertaining content.

On the other hand, charts and graphs have become ubiquitous in the world of marketing.

Brands have answered the call for more entertainment by using the instant recognition of graphs and charts.

Fun data visualizations are becoming all the rage and they’re going to be one of the biggest graphic design trends of 2022.

Instead of focusing on the impact of the pandemic, brands are designing data visualizations on topics such as gaming and remote work.

Brands are also creating visuals about relevant topics for their audience, wrapped in a jovial tone. This makes for entertaining content that relieves some of the stress of the past year.

3. Bold and bright background colors are returning

3 Bold_Backgrounds_Trend_Twitter_Post

What makes content stand out in a crowded online environment? Great quality and bold backgrounds.

Color trends are ever-evolving. They tend to go back and forth between bolder styles and muted versions.

We are currently in the bold color phase. Brands are using bolder and brighter colors in the backgrounds of marketing materials.

This creates a contrast that makes the text and visuals on the background easier to read. It also helps the content attract attention on a busy timeline.

4. Icons and illustrations are becoming more colorful

4 Colorful_Icons_and_Illustrations_Trend_Twitter_Post

Another way that color is influencing the graphic design trends of 2022 is in icons and illustrations.

Icons have become a powerful visual tool in marketing campaigns. They are instantly recognizable and have universal appeal.

Colorful icons are all the rage at the moment, and it’s going to continue that way into 2022. This trend applies to both 3D and flat icons, the latter of which became popular in the last couple of years.

We are also seeing more colorful illustrations being used by brands. Illustrations are more open to interpretation, which has made them a useful tool for drawing attention.

There has been an uptick in abstract illustrations in marketing materials. While that trend is set to continue, there is a great deal more color at play, as well.

5. Serif fonts are coming back in fashion

5 Serif_Fonts_Trend_Twitter_Post

One of the oldest font types has been making a comeback. Over the last few years, serif fonts have taken over graphic design trends. In 2022, they will remain the more popular font type of choice.

Why are brands turning to serif fonts? They are traditional and elegant. Not only do they evoke nostalgia but they foster a sense of security.

In the current pandemic conditions, that kind of safety is what consumers want.

Numerous brands are adopting serif fonts for the text on their websites, as well as across their social media visuals. Others are using a mix of serif fonts with more modern fonts.

Like many other trends, font styles change cyclically. We could see a move towards sans serif fonts in a few years. But for now, serif fonts are reigning supreme.

6. Brands are designing relevant memes

6 Branded_Memes_Trend_Twitter_Post

The relentless doom and gloom of the pandemic has had a direct impact on the types of visuals brands create. This is why one of the graphic design trends of 2022 is the rise of branded memes.

While memes have been co-opted by marketers over the years, brands are no longer using memes as is.

Instead, they are adapting these universal visual messages to their company’s specific tone and their audience’s needs.

There’s also a lightness to the way memes are used by brands now, which ties into our earlier point about entertaining consumers and helping them escape reality.

7. Quotes are being used as teasers

7 Quotes_Trend_Twitter_Post

Quotes have been a mainstay of marketing. They became so ubiquitous that quotes eventually fell out of favor.

So, it’s surprising to see quotes becoming one of the 2022 graphic design trends.

But these aren’t the motivational quotes that were shared ad nauseam by friends, relatives, and brands on social media.

Instead, marketers are using pull quotes from larger pieces of content—such as blogs, podcasts, and ebooks—to share as teasers.

This gives users a taste of what’s to come and incentivizes them to click through and read more.

Most quote posts in 2022 will be paired with attractive and relevant visuals to be more impactful.

8. Social media screencaps are being shared across platforms

8 Social_Screencaps_Trend_Twitter_Post

Another of the graphic design trends taking over 2022 are social media screencaps. How does it work? Take a screenshot of a post on one platform and share that image on another.

One could take an image of a tweet and share it as an Instagram post or on LinkedIn. Or take a screen capture of a TikTok video and share it as an Instagram Story or Facebook Story.

This is not only a visually appealing trend but it’s also a cost-effective one. Marketers don’t need to create separate content for each platform. They can use the same content across platforms.

It’s important to note that the screencaps trend works best when sharing entertaining content, not sales-focused content.

There is an underlying thread that connects all the graphic designs trends of 2022—consumers’ desire to be entertained.

The pandemic has been a difficult time to live through and most parts of the world are only just beginning to open up. ‘Normal life’ seems far away.

Brands have risen to the challenge by being more attentive to users’ needs.

Marketers are creating visuals that are more reflective of society, are more engaging, and most importantly, more entertaining.

All visuals courtesy Venngage.