If you are planning to build an eCommerce website to sell your products/services online or you are thinking of re-structuring your existing website to improve the prospects of your online business, make sure that you choose the right web hosting plan. The success of your online business would largely depend on the type of web hosting plan that you choose for your business.

Find out the top 3 web hosting plans and the advantages offered by each of them.

Shared Hosting

This is a web hosting service in which several websites share the same server resources. Since the server resources are shared by various websites, the cost of shared web-hosting is quite low. Most start up businesses and small businesses choose shared web-hosting.

When you choose shared web hosting plan, you get the necessary software, hardware, storage space and internet connectivity for your website to operate. There are hosting companies that offer a variety of software solutions and packages to help their clients create their website. Maintenance and server configuration are also managed by web hosting company in case of shared web hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, dedicated server hosting is a web hosting plan where only one company hosts its website on the server that is dedicated solely to it. This allows full utilization of the dedicated server hardware, uninterrupted Internet connectivity, and complete control and privacy over one’s website. One can use the server for any purpose.

Since no one else can access the server, one can enjoy superior security with this type of web hosting. Businesses that are expanding or those that require larger disk space to meet the growing needs of their business choose dedicated web hosting. The cost of dedicated server hosting is more than shared web hosting.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is an amalgamation of shared and dedicated servers. It offers the benefits of dedicated server hosting at the price of shared web hosting. A VPS shares host server resources with other VPS servers but it still acts as a separate server. When you choose virtual private server hosting, you get your very own operating system, web server and a dedicated IP to host your website. You tend to enjoy complete control and flexibility, privacy and security, and better website performance.

Compare the features and advantages of various web hosting plans and choose the one that best suits your web hosting needs and requirements and of course your budget. Whichever web hosting plan you choose, make sure that the web hosting company offers good support, up-time guarantee, and quality server management.