Continuous improvement of campaigns on different digital marketing channels – SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Referrals, and Direct Traffic – cannot be realized without monitoring their performance and the results it delivers within a specific timeframe. And when it comes to measuring digital marketing campaigns, nothing beats the popularity of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is one of the most critical, yet often underutilized tools in digital marketing, specifically in content marketing. Unknown to many novices and even some veteran content marketers, aside from its usual use, i.e., measuring website traffic and conversions, Google Analytics can also be used in generating content ideas with high potential of attracting visitors and customers.

But why should you take advantage of Google Analytics in your content ideation process in the first place? According to a recent study by SEMrush, content ideation – the process of finding topics relevant and useful for the target audience – is the third most challenging task in content marketing. Through Google Analytics, you can access a plethora of different reports, which you can take advantage of to produce ideas that are grounded in data and real-world performance of your on-going campaigns.

While Google Analytics may seem too daunting to use at first, accessing the most relevant reports and deriving meaningful insights from them is not really that challenging. To help you get started, here are the key takeaways of the infographic below from Digital Marketing Philippines, which discusses the different strategies for using Google Analytics in your content ideation efforts:

  1. Use site search terms as content ideas.
  2. Access search queries report to create intent-based content.
  3. Repurpose content with the longest Average Time on Page.
  4. Update content with high bounce rate and exit rate.

Learn more on the specifics of these tips by checking out the infographic below.

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