It is becoming apparent by the day that Voice Search usage is going to be the next big thing in the world of marketing by a mile. Recent advancement in natural language processing and artificial intelligence have made it possible for voice searches like Alexa to gain popularity in the recent times. According to projections by Go-gulf, more than 50% of teenagers and 41% of adults are already using voice search in their online activities. According to several leading industry experts, voice search will be the user-interface of the future or simply, the future of online marketing. This is evidenced by the fact that voice search is being integrated into many systems ranging from wearable to smartphones to appliances.

Virtual Digital Assistant Usage - Statistics and Trends

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How voice search will affect the future of SEO

One of the reasons why Voice search is rapidly growing is because it is convenient, fast and allows one to search on the go. There is no need, for instance, to sit down and type. You can search the web while walking, taking a shower, exercising, queuing, and so on. Because of this, many marketers are treating voice search as important marketing concept they need to include in their marketing strategy. As a marketer, you should look for ways to tailor your SEO for voice search. Here are some way voice search will shape the future of SEO.

Use Of Natural Speech Patternsvs Shorthand keywords

Did you know that the way you speak is different from the way you type when it comes to looking for something online? When you type, the keywords you are likely to use are likely to be shorthand such as ‘smart wallet orland’. But when you use voice search, you are more likely to use complete speech such ‘where can I buy a smart wallet in Orland?’ This means that SEO is greatly going to be affected in terms of keywords used.

Long-tail Keywords

As we have already mentioned, shorthand keywords are less popular in voice search compared to typing search. Long-tailed keywords have a brighter future in voice search. It is therefore important to get the right keywords to capture in the voice search.

More emphasis on mobile

Mobile is the future of online shopping because mobile devices have surpassed desktop searches. It naturally follows that more than half of voice searches will come from mobile. In this day and age, you must understand that mobile is now more important than desktop. Any marketing strategy must have mobile in mind because that is where you will get the consumers. Make your content optimized for mobile viewing.