Everyone is already familiar with reverse image search – that is using an image as the search query to find related images from around the web. However, there is a new, more developed version of this feature that not only uses the metadata and keywords of the image but also carries out pixel-by-pixel comparisons between images to deliver highly-relevant results.

Known as visual search, this technology has been made available by several tech giants such as Google and Pinterest to integrate search possibilities with real-life situations. Though it is not likely that visual search will completely replace text-based search, its effect can already be felt nowadays, and thus will require companies using SEO to adopt

To give you more insight on about what visual search is and how it is changing the SEO landscape, here are the key takeaways of the infographic below from Digital Marketing Philippines:

  1. Visual search is a search engine feature that enables users to snap or upload a photo and discover more information about it over the internet.
  2. The primary reason this feature is gaining traction among users is that it is interactive; it is more fun to use than entering textual queries on the search bar. It also provides instant gratification as it is able to deliver highly-relevant information at a moment’s notice.
  3. The online retail industry is one of the major beneficiaries of this technology as it will allow them to gain visitors and customers by optimizing their image inventory for visual search.
  4. In order to successfully utilize this feature, digital marketers should continue applying the best-practices in visual SEO – optimizing metadata, alt-tags, schema markup, image XML sitemaps, and strategic internal linking.

To learn more about visual search and its impact on SEO, check out the infographic below.

Visual Search