This week, we received a stylish little (not so little) infographic that we were keen to share. which incidentally is all about sharing – video content. Online business journalist Megan Ritter conceived the graphic to show the content marketing world, quite starkly, what it was missing by only paying the camera – and indeed those who choose top watch your films – only a bit of lip service. Megan explains:

“The social video revolution is at hand and it’s becoming increasingly important. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is follow the money. One of the most popular channels on YouTube is making $4m a year just by creating and sharing video content.

As with any other social network, the name of the game with video sharing has to be social. You can’t just hope to run a simple video ad and reap the rewards of a large audience. People who watch social videos are typically savvy internet users, and they won’t be fooled by the typical advertisement. To make headway with online videos, you’ll need to start selling your brand. Even if your business offers a product or service, it’s important to show viewers an image of what your company represents instead of just showing them what you can provide.

Going viral isn’t just a matter of luck, it’s all about skill. If you want to get your name out there and build your brand recognition, the online video market is the place to be seen and heard.

Whether you’ve already begun to enter the world of online videos or you’re just starting out, use this handy guide to learn more about video sharing. You’ll also discover what makes each of the top social video sites in the world so popular, as well as how they are each used differently. Use this helpful guide to find out how to become successful by making and sharing videos online.”

A hearty thanks to Megan Ritter for such an insightful and enlightening infographic. Video content marketing and online video hosting might not be a new area of content marketing per se, but the time has come to blast its stratospheric potential. Whether you’re repurposing old blog content or devising innovative ways to present original material, remember you’re not trying to win an Oscar for cinematography, you’re presenting content in a way that your audience can easily digest and engage with, and that’s a factor that shows across the social media board.