twitter-small-headerIf you’re going to use Twitter (it’s not over, yet!), do it well: put video at the forefront of your strategy. That’s not just an opinion, but more-or-less the social network’s official decree. Twitter recently released its annual Online Video Playbook, which they made available exclusively to Adweek, who created the infographic you see below.

Check out some of the new statistics Twitter has revealed about their platform and how video performs with users…

What Twitter Looks Like In 2016

  • 800 visitors a month
  • 64% influence the purchases of friends and family
  • 53% are early adopters
  • 82% actively engage with brands on Twitter
  • 93% of video views on Twitter are mobile

Twitter considers itself a “discovery destination,” a place where users seek new info from outside their circles. They want video to share breaking news, information, viral content, entertainment and celebrity info.

What Makes Video Successful on Twitter?
Twitter has identified one core trait that approximately half of all videos watched to completion share… they include a sequential resolution – a problem set up at the beginning was solved at the end.

The classic narrative arc – the same thing that makes a play, novel or movie great – is also the key to success on Twitter, where “marketing” is really storytelling. In addition to the conflict/resolution structure, Twitter identifies these other components that result in a video receiving increased attention on the platform:

  • Prominent branding in the first 5 seconds
  • Brand logo in a video can increase purchase intent by 9%
  • Video around a live event increases brand favorability by 63%
  • Promoted videos drive favorability up by 18%
  • Captions and visuals for people watching on mobile with the sound off
  • When people are in the first few frames of a video, viewer retention doubles

Video Ads In Twitter’s Environment Are More Memorable

  • Nearly half the audience tested could recall videos after only one second of viewing.
  • Ads are 2x as memorable when they appear in a Twitter feed.
  • Video ads are considered “more relevant” when they are within a curated feed.
  • Millennials believe Twitter ads are “more relevant” to them.
  • Mobile ad recall on Twitter was 20% higher when compared to the leading video platform tested.

Put Video at the Front of Your Strategy
See the infographic below for more details.