In the retail world, the success of a business relies not only on low prices and quality products, but also on how buyers perceive the whole shopping process. From the staff’s problem-solving attitude to the store layout and length of checkout lines, everything is set in place to satisfy their needs and earn their loyalty.

In the online world, this concept is called user experience (UX) and has been getting a lot of attention lately. Not to be confused with the more common term of “user interface” – which is merely one piece of the puzzle – the scope of UX is broader than that of web and product development. Encompassing all aspects of the end user company interaction, a high-quality user experience ensures a seamless merging of information, interaction design and visuals across multiple platforms.

Curious about how effective user experience design can give your startup an edge over competitors? Check out the infographic below, created by Venture 51, in collaboration with The Designer Fund:

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