Whether you are a working mother who needs someone to look after your kid while you are away or someone who runs a home-based business and wants someone trusted and reliable to be around to take care of children, hiring a nanny is the best way out. A nanny can be a big source of help to you. For you, she can be a cook, a housekeeper, a child care expert, or a taxi for the school. And for the kids, a nanny can be a friend, a care taker, a confidant, a playmate, and a safe and loving grown up who makes sure that the kid is fine when you are not there.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to have fun, reliable, and quality service from nanny that you hire.

If you interfere with the nanny’s methods of discipline, it can make her feel frustrated. She may begin to feel that you do not trust her. Make your child understand that the nanny is the boss and that she has to listen and obey her when you are not in the house. This would make it easy for the nanny to work and would keep both of you happy.

It is very important to build a good rapport with the nanny that you are hiring for your kids. Lack of trust can make her lose interest in the work and she may leave the job quite soon. Try to be friends with her and show her that you have full faith and trust in her and her methods. This would motivate her to do her job well.

When you are hiring a nanny, check around what other nannies in your area are charging for the similar services. You must also ask the nanny that you hire how much she was earning in her last job so that you do not end up offering her low pay.

Normally, when you hire a nanny, you have to mention the number of hours for which you need her services everyday. The rates are decided accordingly. If, however, you want the nanny to stay back for longer on a particular day or you want to her to do an additional task, do compensate her for that. By paying her extra you can show that you appreciate her efforts. Do add some perks to keep the nanny happy and to retain her.

From time to time, talk with the nanny and ask her how she is finding the job. Fear of being sacked can prevent a nanny from raisin her voice and concerns. Make her feel comfortable and have an open discussion so that she can share her concerns with you and can serve you and your child better.

It can be great to have a happy nanny around to help you with your day-to-day tasks and for looking after the kids when you are away. Build a good relationship with your nanny and get the most out of her.


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